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    IMCO Worlds Practice Race
    Posted On:  15/09/2003 09:06:57

    So after the lavante wind destroyed every body the day before we were left yesterday with beautiful skies and light poniente breeze(sea breeze). Which slowely grew and gave the mistral course light 6 to 8 knots.The vibes here are very chilled, but still very focused. People have been slowely getting their measurement out of the way, applying stickers, lightly sanding their boards, and doing last minute preparation for tomorrows first race.

    Twelve o’clock was the scheduled time for the practice race. The AP flag stood for some time and then 3pm was decided on.The first start was at 3:26pm. Twenty seconds before the gun the wind shifted sharply to the left and everybody at the boat end was left standing. As the racers on the pin end tacked onto port and sailed one tack  to the top mark. As they approached, the race committee had no option but to cancel the race and send every body back to the start boat. All sailors were questioning whether to continue. But a further 20 minutes, two races were shot off with some sailors opting to shoot off at the top mark, and leave themselves ready for the exciting first days play beginning tomorrow.


    Today the Levante is back after blowing all night with over 25 knots.

    Still with 20-25 knots this morning