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    Posted On:  30/01/2012 11:26:55

    Oka Sulaksana (INA) is Mistral One Design Class Asian Champion 2012!   ......( more )

    Posted On:  29/01/2012 10:14:45

    With just one day left in the 2012 Pattaya City Asian Windsurfing Championships it is tight at the top of the IMCO Class leaderboard.......( more )

    Posted On:  27/01/2012 17:38:26

    Originally intended as a reserve day, Friday 27th was rescheduled as a race day by the Race Committee.......( more )

    Posted On:  25/01/2012 13:34:22

    The wind took a little longer to fill in on the second day of racing at the Pattaya City Asian Windsurfing Championships. ......( more )

    Posted On:  25/01/2012 10:13:42

    The Race Committee delivered a perfect first day at the 2012 Asian Windsurfing Championships by completing the maximum 3 races permitted by the championship rules.......( more )

    Posted On:  23/01/2012 11:58:42

    Registration closed today at the 2012 Pattaya City Asian Windsurfing Championships, to be held off Jomtien Beach, Pattaya , Thailand.......( more )

    Posted On:  19/01/2012 09:04:44

    The 2012 Asian Windsurfing Championships starts in Pattaya, Thailand, on January 21st. The mayor of Pattaya City, and WATH President, Mr Itthiphol Kunplome, welcomed everyone to a press conference convened at City hall on Wednesday, 18th January.......( more )

    Posted On:  28/11/2011 07:40:28

    The 26th South East Asia (SEA) Games has just concluded in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    This biannual event brings together 11 countries from South East Asia - participating in a wide range of sports.......( more )

    Posted On:  04/10/2011 08:55:30

    Thailand is not a super windy place. You wont see the amazing freestyle moves of Bonaire or the Gorge, nor will you see hot wave sailing action. With average wind strengths of 8- 18knots Windsurfers here are mainly using sails from 6.0M to 8.5M. In the worlds top locations a 6.0M sail is considered large.......( more )

    Posted On:  04/10/2011 08:33:16

    The Mistral One Design class returns to Pattaya, Thailand, from 21st to 29th January 2012 for their Asian Championships. ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/06/2011 12:47:40

    Check out our photos of the new rig components from the factory.

    Posted On:  28/01/2011 20:48:12

    "Mistral One design has been one of the most successful one-design classes in recent history.  Today the class remains strong and represents the best option for sailing in 0-30 knots with one board, one sail and one rig." Anders Bringdal.

    Posted On:  18/01/2011 16:27:20
    On the final day Navin Singsart from Thailand strengthened his lead over the MOD fleet. ......( more )
    Posted On:  15/01/2011 11:04:57

    Navin Singsart of Thailand takes the lead with three bullets on day three, which started off with 8-12 knots of winds blowing in the North East direction. ......( more )

    Posted On:  15/01/2011 08:09:34

    The SIM 30th Singapore Open Asian Windsurfing Championships got off to a great start with North Easterly winds between 10 to 15 knots. ......( more )

    Posted On:  22/11/2010 10:59:39

    On the final day of the windsurfing at the Asian Games it was Gold Medals for Hong Kong and China.......( more )

    Posted On:  19/11/2010 17:46:29
    Nine races have been completed in the Mistral One Design event at the Asian Games.

    The leaderboard, and podium positions, remain unchanged after today's race in the womens fleet. Ning Wang (China) looks very comfortable in the Gold medal position after winning again today.......( more )

    Asian Games update - after 8 races
    Posted On:  18/11/2010 11:55:12
    No change in the top 3 of either fleet since yesterday.  However in the Mens - 3rd placed King Chan (HKG) has closed the gap on 2nd placed Fuwen Yao (CHN) - and they finish the day on equal points, only a tie break separating them.

    Posted On:  16/11/2010 09:16:21
    The Asian Games is taking place in Guangzhou, China, from 12th to 27th November. Six races have now been completed and the top 3 sailors in each division are the same as yesterday.  Oka (Indonesia) maintains his 1 point lead over Fuwen (China) in Mens but Ning (China) extends her lead over 2nd placed Hei (Hong Kong) ......( more )
    Posted On:  10/11/2010 18:31:10
    A revised edition of the Mistral One Design Class Rules has now been published. It includes recent updates, that have also been made to all the windsurfing classes rules, ......( more )
    Posted On:  01/11/2010 12:01:41
    The 2011 Asian Championships for the Mistral One Design class will be hosted by Windsurfing Association Singapore at the 30th SIM Singapore Open Windsurfing Championships.......( more )
    Posted On:  13/03/2010 10:43:19
    The 25th edition of the famous World Festival on the Beach will take place in Mondello, Sicily, from 15th to 23rd May 2010. This year's event includes the 2010 Sicily Grand Prix.......( more )
    Women in Windsurfing campaign
    Posted On:  14/02/2010 22:55:43
    IWA has now put in place a Women's section on the IWA website.  Help us to make this section grow by sending us your articles, photos and info to contribute to this area - e-mail - "To encourage, support and motivate women in windsurfing, improve their status and boost the participation of women (competing) in windsurfing worldwide."
    25th International A.S.A Windsurfing Championship
    Posted On:  23/01/2010 17:13:04
    The 25th ASA championship, in memory of Ofer Botzer, will take place 7-10 March in Eilat, Israel. "I wish and hope you will all come to take part in this great event in the beautiful city of Eilat on the Red Sea" - Aaron Botzer. See Notice of Race
    Posted On:  23/01/2010 17:09:45
    Another two races on the final day of the championship in light winds.  Navin Singsart (THA 20) maintained his form and rightly claimed the title.  ......( more )
    Posted On:  22/01/2010 09:44:21
    A further 2 races were completed today in light winds.  A strong current throughout race 8 made for a longer race than usual, and as a consequence the competitors were given a rest on the beach before returning to the starting area for race 9.......( more )
    Posted On:  19/01/2010 18:04:19
    Two races today for raceboard and MOD competitors in light, increasing to medium, wind conditions. In the Mistral One Design fleet only 2 points separate first and third in the rankings.  It is very close at the top, but Navin Singsart (THA 20) keeps first place overall - with THA 10 (2nd) and THA 1 swopping overnight positions.......( more )
    Posted On:  18/01/2010 12:57:43
    Three races today for raceboard and MOD competitors in medium, increasing to strong, wind conditions. In the Mistral One Design fleet 3 racers shared the spoils of victory in today's 3 races.  ......( more )
    Posted On:  18/01/2010 11:56:29
    Posted On:  18/01/2010 10:11:30
    Racing got underway today as scheduled, with two races for the Raceboard/MOD racers.  With winds averaging 14 to 17 knots, and maxing at 20 knots, it was the perfect start for this fleet. ......( more )
    Posted On:  17/01/2010 12:32:44
    The Mayor of Pattaya, and President of Windsurfing Association of Thailand (WATH) Mr Ittipol Koonpluen, welcomed athletes, officials, and representatives of the sponsors, to the opening dinner for the 2010 Asian Championship......( more )
    Posted On:  18/11/2009 19:59:10
    An annual event, the 29th SIM-Singapore Open Windsurfing Championship is the biggest event on the Singapore windsurfing calendar which sees top local windsurfers being pitted against the best in the region. ......( more )
    Posted On:  05/11/2009 11:32:23
    The 2010 Pattaya City Techno 293 Asian Championship & Asian Windsurfing Festival will be held from Friday 15th January 2010 to Saturday 23rd January 2010. The Event includes the Asian Championships for: Techno 293 Class, Under 17 and Under 15 divisions; the International Raceboard Class, including Youth and Masters divisions; and the Mistral One Design Class......( more )
    Posted On:  03/10/2009 11:16:18
    Dear friends,

    I am glad to inform you that IMCO is still alive and so is the "born under a lucky star" Mistral One Design.......( more )

    Anders Bringdal takes on the Mistral Board
    Posted On:  03/10/2009 11:08:43
    The sports and lifestyle brand Mistral is rediscovering its worldwide reputation as a label of champions. At the start of May, Mistral International BV - which is owned by the Twente-based family company Van Merksteijn BV and by entrepreneur and investor Ado Huisman - entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for windsurf boards with Swedish surfing sensation Anders Bringdal.  Bringdal is a four-times world champion surfer and one of the front runners in the Speed World Cup. With this deal, Mistral demonstrates that the brand is inextricably linked with supreme quality, a genuine winner's mentality, and a passion for speed in both sailing and windsurfing.

    Read more about Anders Bringdal and the Mistral Boards on:  http://windsurfing.mistral.com/

    Posted On:  09/10/2008 10:47:05
    Competitors are reminded of the new requirements for sail numbering which have applied since January 1st 2009: ......( more )
    Posted On:  20/08/2008 12:42:12
    19-24 November 2008 - Stanley Main Beach, Stanley, Hong Kong - Notice of Race
    Windsurfing News #70 April 2008
    Posted On:  15/04/2008 12:55:25
    Windsurfing News #68 January 2008
    Posted On:  07/01/2008 10:34:12
    Windsurfing News #67 December 2007
    Posted On:  10/12/2007 10:33:23
    Mistral Worlds 2007 - POSTPONED
    Posted On:  16/10/2007 16:27:58
    It is with much regret that IMCO announce the postponement of the MOD/MJOD Worlds and Prodigy/Mistral Open Championships due to unforseen circumstances.  More details will be available soon.
    International Windsurf Championship - Thailand
    Posted On:  24/09/2007 09:23:49
    The 2007 RS:X Asian Championship, organised by the Windsurfing Association of Thailand, will be held from 12th to 18th November 2007 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand.  This will be supported by the International Windsurf Championship which shall be a single discipline event for IMCO Men and IMCO Youth (Under 20 on Dec 31st 2007) on Mistral One Design equipmentMore info via e-mail or Notice of Race
    Ajo' Classic - Long Distance Race
    Posted On:  22/09/2007 17:18:47

    "Ajo' Classic" - North Sardinia Windsurf Crossing - 6-7 October 2007. 

    Per maggiori informazioni:

    http://www.aiws.it/ - e-mail

    +39 3382370449 - +39 3484517459

    Mistral Worlds 2007
    Posted On:  31/08/2007 13:08:19
    Just eight weeks to go to the start of the Mistral Worlds on 27 October!  Beautiful Djerba Island, Tunisia awaits and we bring you more useful information to help with your travel plans.  Register your intention to enter the event on the IWA website to guarantee the pre-entry price!
    Windsurfing News #65 August 2007
    Posted On:  07/08/2007 10:57:17
    Windsurfing News #64 July 2007
    Posted On:  07/08/2007 10:56:34
    Windsurfing News #63 June 2007
    Posted On:  04/06/2007 13:41:18
    NoR for the Worlds now published.
    Posted On:  22/05/2007 17:51:50
    Notice of Race for the 2007 MISTRAL ONE DESIGN & MISTRAL JUNIOR ONE DESIGN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held from  October 27th  to  November 3rd  2007, at Djerba Island, Tunisia.  The Event will take place at the same time as the Mistral Prodigy World and Mistral "Open" World Challenge Championships.  
    Posted On:  21/05/2007 13:08:15

    The World Festival on the Beach has now closed.  In all the five races held from Friday, in the Sicily Grand Prix results, open to all boards and sails, the winner was Marco Andreuccetti with Wirz and Castelli second and third place on the podium, all on Mistral PanAm.

    Mistral One Design boards took the next four places......( more )

    Windsurfing News #62 May 2007
    Posted On:  12/05/2007 17:40:05
    Posted On:  26/04/2007 14:02:30

    16th May until 20th May 2007 in Mondello, Palermo, including:

    2007 World Festival On The Beach 16-20 May
    2007 Nation Cup 16-20 May
    2007 Sicily Grand Prix International Race 19-20 May ......( more )

    Windsurfing News #61 April 2007
    Posted On:  11/04/2007 16:41:02
    22nd Calema Midwinters
    Posted On:  06/03/2007 13:03:02
    .... Prodigy in action!  The Calema Midwinters is one of the few international regattas that attracts competitors from across all the "racing" classes - pro, olympic, amateur - and this year was no exception: Formula; Raceboard, longboard and hybrid; RSX, Prodigy and Kona.
    The USA has a big Prodigy fleet and Nat Sidall (IMCO Committee) took time out to compete.
    Visit the new Calema website for race results, photo gallery and video
    Windsurfing News#60 March 2007
    Posted On:  04/03/2007 19:42:22
    Windsurfing News #59 February 2007
    Posted On:  03/02/2007 16:38:47
    Onward into 2007
    Posted On:  21/12/2006 21:30:17

    2006 has been a difficult year for the class; but significant changes have been made to prepare the class for a post olympic future.

    2007 looks promising for the revitalisation of one-design racing - "back to the future!"

    Windsurfing News #58 December 2006
    Posted On:  21/12/2006 12:47:21
    Posted On:  19/12/2006 09:58:34
    January 12-14 2007 (week before Olympic Classes Regatta)
    Miami, Florida

    Open Hybrid
    ......( more )
    Posted On:  15/11/2006 09:41:40

    At the culmination of the week long ISAF Conference in Helsinki, the Council rejected the application from the Mistral Prodigy Class for Recognised status.

    Ceri Williams, Classes Representative on the ISAF Windsurfing Committee, filed this report on the meetings he attended during the week long conference. See also a summary of the daily reports published on the ISAF website

    Extracts from the Reports follow.......( more )

    Windsurfing News #57 November 2006
    Posted On:  08/11/2006 13:19:05
    Posted On:  08/11/2006 12:00:03

    Bright event attended by 93 competitors including POL, DEN, SWE, SVL, GER, ESP......( more )

    Posted On:  26/10/2006 12:10:40

    Cheng Kowk Fai of Hong Kong is the 2006 Mistral World Champion.  ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/10/2006 10:15:16

    A further two races were completed in light, shifty conditions.  After 4 races hosts CHN are leading the rankings.......( more )

    Posted On:  20/10/2006 10:50:03

    Racing is under way in the Mistral Worlds, Shenzhen.  After 2 races HKG and hosts CHN are leading the rankings.......( more )

    Windsurfing News #56 September 2006
    Posted On:  04/09/2006 13:45:34
    Posted On:  03/09/2006 11:41:44
    Notice of Race for the 2006 MISTRAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held in Shen Zhen, China from October 17 to 24 has now been published.
    Posted On:  12/08/2006 15:00:11
    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 1st of August 2006 in Marsala, Italy have now been published.
    Final Day - Mistral Youth and Junior Worlds
    Posted On:  06/08/2006 09:58:25

    Three races today in great sailing conditions, giving the fleet a second discard and an 11 race series.

    Men's Youth World Champion 2006 is Kwok Po Ma (HKG16); 2nd Omri Hazor (ISR 1) and 3rd Pak San Heung (HKG 20)

    Womens Youth World Champion - Sivan Davidovch (ISR 20); 2nd Nitsan Maayan (ISR 17); 3rd Kamilia Tomkiewicz (POL 8).

    MJOD World Champions - boy Ron Asulin (ISR 10) and girl Hei Man Chan (HKG 27)

    See full results

    Posted On:  04/08/2006 10:13:56

    Day three - another light wind day but 2 more races completed. The early signs were promising - sailors arriving at the race site in the morning were faced with a 9/10 knot breeze that looked to be increasing.  However the wind decreased and the racing schedule was postponed. ......( more )

    Windsurfing News #55 July 2006
    Posted On:  13/07/2006 18:28:31
    Posted On:  08/07/2006 09:15:36

    Tuesday 1st August 2006, 8.00pm at the Lega Navale (host club) Marsala, Sicily. The agenda has now been published.

    Member associations that are unable to send a delegate to the AGM may appoint an 'alternate' (proxy) to represent them in the meeting; or alternatively may vote by post/fax/email.

    Please forward your proxy mandate or voting papers to the IWA Office .

    Gangneung 2006 International Windsurfing Championships for RS:X and Mistral.
    Posted On:  26/06/2006 10:26:42

    Korea Windsurfing Association (KWSA) will host the "GANGNEUNG 2006 FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS" on 1-10 September 2006.  In the same period, we will have "Gangneung 2006 International Windsurfing Championships" for RS:X and Mistral.  This event is the first World Windsurfing Championships held in Korea.

    I hope all the sailors from all over the world can have splendid gathering of friendship and harmony through this event here in Gangneung Korea.

    Please find attached NoR for "Gangneung 2006 International Windsurfing Championships" and other event information

    Windsurf News #54 June 2006
    Posted On:  10/06/2006 11:44:10
    Posted On:  03/06/2006 10:25:13

    NOTICE is hereby given of the forthcoming 2006 Annual General Meeting of the INTERNATIONAL MISTRAL CLASS ORGANISATION (IMCO).The meeting will be held during the Junior, Youth and Masters Championships in Marsala, Sicily, over the week 31st July - 5th August.......( more )

    Posted On:  23/05/2006 21:15:53

    The Sicily Grand Prix closed today after two races for the Mistral boards and three for the RS:X boards, ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/05/2006 09:28:00

    During the 2006 Mondello Special General Meeting, very important decisions were taken which will definitely give a new orientation to the International Mistral Class Organisation. ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/05/2006 19:16:22



    The last race of the Mistral Class European Championships took place today with 3 metres of wind coming from an eastern direction and confirmed what was outlined from the first day......( more )

    Posted On:  19/05/2006 20:44:23


    The battle gets tough in European Mistral Class Championships when there is only one day left of windsurf races and the races held so far are 7. ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/05/2006 17:19:41



    The European Championships seem to be undertaking the characteristics of quite a muscular event, held in Mondello, for the 45 athletes taking place in the third day of races with their mistral one designs. ......( more )

    Mistral Europeans
    Posted On:  17/05/2006 21:15:08

    Hong Kong still in the lead, while Casagrande goes after the European Title.

    The winds blows slightly in the second day of races of the European Mistral Class Championships in Mondello, allowing the 45 athletes  to carry out 2 races. (Full article)


    Posted On:  13/05/2006 11:29:12

    From Monday the 15th of May the sea water in front of Mondello will once again fill itself up with the different coloured sails of windsurfing champions who will be taking part in the 2006 edition of the European Mistral Class Championships. ......( more )

    Windsurfing News #53 May 2006
    Posted On:  11/05/2006 11:08:43
    World Festival - Prodigy Boards
    Posted On:  09/05/2006 11:22:23

    The organisers of World Festival on the Beach, Mondello,Sicily have available 20 Mistral Prodigy boards with 8.5 rigs.  This is your chance to participate in one of the windsurfing worlds oldest established festivals without the need to travel with equipment!

    Boards and More are supporting IMCO in the development of a new one design "hybrid " class - recreational racing at its best .

    Contact - albaria for request to charter

    For more info about the Festival go to the official website

    Posted On:  20/04/2006 11:59:18

    Mondello 15th-21st May 2006

    The Festival Returns To Sicily. Windsurfing, Sailing, Beach Volley, Kitesurfing, Surf, Golf, A Week Of Sport And Entertainment With The Mistral European Championships

    General Information             Events

    Special General Assembly Meeting
    Posted On:  19/04/2006 09:38:44

    Special General Assembly Meeting for the Mistral One Design Class and Mistral Junior One Design Class;

    to be held at: Albaria Club, Mondello, Sicily;

    on: Thursday 18th May 2006 at 19.00hrs.

    Please note the change of date for the meeting

    AGENDA and supporting papers have now been published

    Windsurfing News #52 April 2006
    Posted On:  16/04/2006 11:35:55
    www.marsalasail.it now on-line
    Posted On:  06/04/2006 11:43:49

    The Official event web site for the Junior Youth and Masters Worlds in Marsala is now on line.  Some more details in English will be given later. The competitors will find the information how to reach Marsala, the hotel accommodation and prices as well as the official notice of race and the entry form. Further information will be loaded later.

    As concerns the camper allocation, we don't have a special area for campers. However they can be parked near the clubs and the competitors can use the facilities the clubs offer.

    12th Asian Sailing Championship 2006 kicks off
    Posted On:  21/03/2006 10:16:43
    The 12th Asian Sailing Championship started today (Sunday 19th March) in average 10 - 15 knots of wind. There were perfect conditions of sailing and all the 4 courses completed 2 scheduled races of the day. Go to event website for news and results.
    Posted On:  12/03/2006 14:20:43

    Notice of a Special General Assembly Meeting for the Mistral One Design Class and the Mistral Junior One Design Class, to be held on Thursday 18May 2006 from 19.00hrs. The meeting will take place during the Mistral European Championships to be held in Mondello, Sicily.......( more )

    Posted On:  11/03/2006 09:29:11

    We are glad to inform you about the 21 Edition of World Festival On The Beach 2006, scheduled from 15th May until 21st May 2006 in Mondello - Palermo, that include:



    Windsurf News #51 - March 2006
    Posted On:  07/03/2006 18:50:10
    IWA Associate Membership Proposal 2006
    Posted On:  07/03/2006 18:49:03
    We have pleasure in presenting our Associate Membership proposal for 2006
    NoR - 2006 Junior ,Youth and Masters
    Posted On:  27/02/2006 11:38:51

    The Notice of Race for the 2006 Junior, Youth and Masters Festival is now published.

    The event will take place in Marsala, Sicily, from the 31st July to 6th August.

    The Festival includes World Championships for Mistral Junior One Design (at under 15 and under 17) and Mistral One Design Youth (under 20); and Mistral Masters Championship.

    Details of the event website will be announced soon.

    Competitors can register a pre-entry, and pay (youths and masters / MJOD), online via the IWA website.

    Posted On:  15/02/2006 18:52:50

    The Notice of Race for this year's European Championship is now published.......( more )

    Windsurfing News #50 February 2006
    Posted On:  11/02/2006 08:43:04
    Posted On:  23/01/2006 17:31:19

    Ten competitors completed a 7 race series at the Australian Nationals hosted by Dobroyd Aquatic Club, NSW over the weekend 21/22 January.......( more )

    Med Cup Marseille 2006 - 24 to 26 February
    Posted On:  20/01/2006 09:38:06
    Click here for Notice of Race
    Calendar 2006
    Posted On:  17/01/2006 09:59:12
    Click here to view the full 2006 Calendar for Mistral sailors
    Posted On:  04/01/2006 09:32:04

    This year's Singapore Open, held from 28th to 31st Dec at Pasta Fresca SeaSports Centre, featured the new RSX Olympic class for the first time. Entries came from Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. ......( more )

    Posted On:  01/01/2006 14:53:33

    To the International Mistral Class Association and To the International Windsurfing Association

    Dear all,

    I knew I had a tough act to follow when I accepted the role of the President of the Mistral Class. Over the last six months I've put an enormous amount of effort into promoting the Class as "a very good racing One Design long-board with a very good organization". Unfortunately I've found that both relationships within ISAF and within the structure of the Class are very compromised.......( more )

    Invitation to Eilat
    Posted On:  07/12/2005 10:17:45

    From 15 to 18 January 06 we are going to have ASA championships in Eilat, Israel. Usually a windy spot - eternel summer! Nice party town.  (Notice of Race)

    The week before, the Israeli team and all Israeli sailors will be training on the site. We can help with some technical stuff. A big minim (u15) and juniors (u17)event (last year 100 alohas and 30 6.6) but everyone is invited. Contact me for any details.

    Yair Suari

    Australian National Raceboard & RSX Championships 2006
    Posted On:  16/11/2005 10:15:40
    Dobroyd Aquatic Club, Rodd Point, NSW, 21/22 January 2006 - RSX, Raceboard including IMCO, Women, Hybrid, Masters, Open, Youth. Notice of Race / View poster
    Amendment to II New Year's Race
    Posted On:  13/11/2005 16:39:58
    Notice of Race II "Bay of Cadiz - New Year" Training Race for RS:X, IMCO, MJOD, TECHNO 293 and RACEBOARD - Puerto Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain, January 2006 - CHANGE TO SCHEDULE and ENTRY FORM
    Windsurfing News #49 November 2005
    Posted On:  09/11/2005 12:37:10
    II "Bay of Cadiz - New Year" Windsurfing Race
    Posted On:  22/10/2005 10:24:24
    (RS:X, MOD, MJOD, Techno 293 & Raceboard) Puerto Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain - January 2nd to 4th, 2006. Notice of Race
    Windsurfing News #48 October 2005
    Posted On:  12/10/2005 16:31:52
    Posted On:  11/10/2005 06:03:34

    Entries are growing with newcomers on the list - Tunisia with 4 competitors on MOD; Indonesia confirmed entries with 3 competitors on MOD.......( more )

    II Bay of Cadiz - New Year Training Race
    Posted On:  22/09/2005 09:51:00
    Following on from last year's successful event the Notice of Race for the 2006 'Bay of Cadiz - New Year' Training Race has been published.
    For 2006 the race has been opened up to the Rceboard Class, in addition to IMCO and MJOD sailors.
    A wonderful opportunity to get some early season training - many sailors and teams combine the event with training both before and after the race.
    To find out more contact Deborah Powell
    Windsurfing News #47 September 2005
    Posted On:  05/09/2005 17:25:46
    Posted On:  17/08/2005 23:58:35

    Only one point separated gold and silver in the Mistral Youth Men's fleet!  Both Lukasz Grodzicki from Poland and Shahar Zubari from Israel won three each of nine races overall but Lukasz managed to overcome his close rival to take the Championship title with a total of 25 points.......( more )

    Mistral Youth Worlds, Sopot, Poland - 6-14 August 2005
    Posted On:  11/08/2005 23:06:12
    Two races were held on Tuesday but yesterday (Wednesday) strong winds kept competitors ashore.  Today started very calm, only 15 degrees, and wet! However, all the competitors were sent out on the water and racing began as the wind showed up. Three races in all today and results and photos can be found on the event website
    Mistral Youth Worlds, Sopot, Poland - 6-14 August 2005
    Posted On:  07/08/2005 19:45:41
    Registration is under way at Sopot.  Some competitors have been testing the water but conditions are extremely light with a mixture of sunshine and showers. A great carnival atmosphere awaited those who ventured into town for the Sopot Festival.  Competition starts Tuesday.
    Open International Swedish Championship
    Posted On:  28/07/2005 21:50:17
    Swedish Windsurfing Association in cooperation with Swedish sailing federation will arrange Open International Swedish Championship for the Olympic classes. The event will be held in Nynashamn, Sweden between 18th to 21st of August. For Windsurfing, the championship will include both RS:X and Formula Windsurfing class. All international sailors are welcome. more information
    New Mistral One Design
    Posted On:  24/07/2005 20:31:46

    Click here to see the presentation of the new version of the Mistral One Design produced in Cobra with the new graphic.

    Posted On:  24/07/2005 20:08:11

    The 2005 Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship came to an end with the closing ceremony in Busan, Korea ......( more )

    Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2005
    Posted On:  13/07/2005 10:31:36
    The two windsurfing events at the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship promise to offer racing of the very highest order when it gets underway next week in Busan, Korea
    Windsurfing News #46 - July 2005
    Posted On:  10/07/2005 18:16:30
    Posted On:  27/06/2005 17:30:42
    Results, and links to reports and photos.
    Vincenzo Pottino President of IWA
    Posted On:  25/06/2005 08:10:40
    Italian Vincenzo, president of the Albaria Club, was elected President of IMCO at our recent AGM and is now the IMCO representative on the IWA Board. IWA are delighted that Vincenzo has accepted the position of IWA President for the remainder of the year.
    Windsurfing News #45 - June 2005
    Posted On:  13/06/2005 12:31:03
    Posted On:  11/06/2005 10:13:47

    We are glad to attach the NoR for the new version of the Mistral Class National Championship in France which as usual will be held over the all saints week end from the 29th October till 1st November In Bandol Mediterranean Coast. ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/06/2005 12:25:01
    There are considerable changes to the women's Mistral Rankings but unlike the men there is a new number one. ......( more )
    Posted On:  08/06/2005 12:04:48
    It has been a busy month for the Mistral sailors since the last ranking release of 4 May and there are numerous changes to the Rankings. ......( more )
    Posted On:  30/05/2005 09:13:30
    Posted On:  22/05/2005 09:52:15

    Dear Mistral / RS:X sailor

    Sail Melbourne 2006 invites you and your fellow Mistral/RS:X sailors to compete in the "Asia Pacific Regatta". As the only annual ISAF Grade 1 event in the Southern Hemisphere and a crucial event for any serious Olympic Class Sailor, the Sail Melbourne Olympic and Invited Classes Regatta from January 9th - 14th, 2006 is an event you cannot afford to miss!......( more )

    Posted On:  22/05/2005 09:43:19

    The XXVII Mistral Class World Championships finished today (20 May) in Mondello making Nicolas Huguet and Blanca Manchon the new champions of 2005. After the results in the past few days it was fairly obvious that they would win, they had excellent results day after day that brought them to hold the world title. ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/05/2005 11:57:20

    It is with mixed feelings we bid farewell to Rory from the post of Executive Secretary of IWA - we will miss his guiding hand on the tiller, but at the same time recognise our loss is someone else's gain. ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/05/2005 11:05:10

    The Mistral Class World Championships are coming to an end, there were another two races held today for both categories, bringing the 2 fleets up to 10 and 9 races in all.......( more )

    Posted On:  20/05/2005 10:52:46


    Posted On:  16/05/2005 11:22:09

    The wind commands Mondello, no race for the male category while the female category complete only one round.......( more )

    Posted On:  15/05/2005 12:02:56



    Posted On:  14/05/2005 09:07:26

    Beautiful sunny skies, spectators crowding on to the beach. 118 competitors from over 21 nations are set to compete for the 2005 world IMCO championships. ......( more )

    Posted On:  14/05/2005 08:43:40

    The registration procedure closed this morning and it was clearly outlined how many athletes will compete in the Mistral Class World Championships, a constant focus point for quality worldwide windsurfing.......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2005 09:51:17

    Nikos Kaklamanakis, Torch Bearer at the Olympic Games in Athens, comes to Mondello not to race but as a coach.......( more )

    Windsurfing News #44 - May 2005
    Posted On:  08/05/2005 08:03:39
    Posted On:  07/05/2005 17:51:25
    Posted On:  07/05/2005 17:48:00


    Posted On:  07/05/2005 09:08:48

    The men and women are only counting Semaine Olympique Francaise to this issue of the rankings ......( more )

    2005 MOD Annual General Meeting Agenda
    Posted On:  19/04/2005 16:59:43
    The 2005 MOD AGM will be held in Mondello, Sicily on Tuesday 17 May at 1830 hrs.  The agenda has now been posted.
    Windsurfing News #43 April 2005
    Posted On:  05/04/2005 22:33:22
    Posted On:  31/03/2005 23:00:27

    Issue Date - 30 Mar 2005

    This, the third ranking release for 2005, includes the results from one ISAF Grade C1 event, three ISAF Grade 2 and two ISAF Grade 3 events. Unfortunately, the racing at the Izola Spring Cup did not take place over the weekend as Slovenia, like much of Europe, suffered from a complete lack of wind. ......( more )

    Posted On:  30/03/2005 10:51:58

    The World "Festival on the Beach" will begin on Wednesday 11th May with the IMCO Class Championships in which the best international windsurf athletes will compete for the European and World Titles.

    Please note that the pre-entry prices are only held until 31 March! You have just two days to guarantee entry at the lower rate. After Thursday, an additional Eur 40 may be payable.

    Coaches should already have reserved their coach boats. If not, please contact albaria@tin.it urgently ......( more )

    2005 IMCO AGM - Official Notice
    Posted On:  22/03/2005 11:55:25
    Posted On:  18/03/2005 18:45:13

    ISAF have now published the Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurf Edition. View A5 size pdf or larger A4 size pdf

    23rd UNIVERSIADE, 2005, IZMIR
    Posted On:  08/03/2005 12:12:00
    The Organizing Committee of the 23rd UNIVERSIADE, 2005, IZMIR invite all members and non-members of FISU (International University Sports Federation) to take part in and send their sailing teams to the 23rd UNIVERSIADE, 2005, IZMIR, SAILING to be held in Karsiyaka, Izmir, August 11-21,2005. E-mail for Notice of Race and more information.
    Windsurfing News #42 - March 2005
    Posted On:  04/03/2005 22:58:58
    Posted On:  04/03/2005 21:49:17

    The second release of the ISAF World Sailing Ranking for 2005 have been published today ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/02/2005 10:32:34
    Posted On:  18/02/2005 14:44:35
    IWA has launched an Associate Membership scheme aiming to unite the windsurfing industry and associated professions behind a central, focal point for competitive windsurfing - the IWA. Read the President's introduction and view the document.
    Posted On:  18/02/2005 11:48:40
    Notice of Race for the Mistral Youth World Championship to be held in Sopot, Poland from 6th to14th August 2005 is now available.  Follow the links with the NoR to find entry forms.
    Posted On:  05/02/2005 18:18:46
    3rd-7th February 2005
    Report Day 1
    Report Day 2
    Windsurfing News #41 - February 2005
    Posted On:  03/02/2005 09:58:20
    Posted On:  02/02/2005 19:51:34

    The Mistral will continue to feature in the ISAF World Sailing Rankings until the new Olympic equipment the Neil Pryde RS:X replaces it in the coming months. For the men, the results from the ISAF Grade 1 Sail Melbourne are the only ones to count.......( more )

    Posted On:  02/02/2005 19:45:00

    There were no events to count for the Mistral Women in this ranking. Faustine Merret (FRA) Olympic gold medallist, remains the top of the rankings ahead of bronze medallist Alessandra Sensini (ITA) who is second. ......( more )

    2005 Formula and IMCO Asian Championships
    Posted On:  02/02/2005 10:24:33

    April 3rd,  2005 - April 9th  2005 - Gamagori, Aichi, Japan

    The Notice of Race for the Asian Championships is now published . The event has been co ordinated as part of EXPO 2005.

    Posted On:  28/01/2005 17:43:25

    The V Carnival Race for the 49er and Finn Classes, Spanish Championship for Mistral M & W Classes will be held in the Bay of Cadiz Puerto Sherry (Puerto Santa Maria) from 25th to 28th February 2005......( more )

    2005 Mistral World Championship - Palermo, Italy - 11-19 May 2005
    Posted On:  28/01/2005 10:43:21
    Notice of Race has now been posted, together with entry forms. On-line registration is now open.  Please go to "Upcoming Events" for links.
    Posted On:  26/01/2005 23:43:10
    Posted On:  25/01/2005 12:20:36

    The reason for the changes are mainly that suppliers of fitting parts disappeared from the market, so that some of these parts were not available for us anymore. We had to find alternative parts......( more )

    Posted On:  25/01/2005 12:17:58
    Posted On:  23/01/2005 11:43:57

    New Zealand board-sailing legend, Barbara KENDALL has been appointed to the Athletes' Commission of the International Olympic Committee. ......( more )

    Posted On:  16/01/2005 08:53:37

    The Olympic & Invited Classes Regatta at Sail Melbourne ended today on a quiet note - uncharacteristically light to nil breezes struck Port Phillip Bay, some races completed, some abandoned.......( more )

    Posted On:  16/01/2005 08:47:14

    Sailors in the Olympic & Invited Classes regatta left Sandringham Yacht Club at noon for their penultimate day of racing at Sail Melbourne in ideal 10 knot south-south easterlies breezes that steadily built to 15 knots and, by 3.00pm, to 23 knots with steep sharp seas. ......( more )

    Posted On:  13/01/2005 12:26:04

    Variable but mainly light breezes on a beautiful sunny day on Port Phillip Bay for the Olympic & Invited Classes at the Sail Melbourne Regatta. ......( more )

    Posted On:  10/01/2005 20:13:35

    There is a big international contingent in the Men's Mistral fleet and today Hong Kong sailors have claimed the top three places.  ......( more )

    Posted On:  05/01/2005 12:17:24
    Greg Johns (AUS) is elected IWA President for 2005 and joins the Board of Directors. Greg brings a wealth of windsurfing experience to the Association, and we welcome him on board. ......( more )
    Windsurfing News #40 - December 2004
    Posted On:  24/12/2004 10:03:45
    Posted On:  22/12/2004 23:43:29

    The 2001 – 2004 Olympic Quadrennial has really come to a close for sailors with the release of the final ISAF World Sailing Rankings for the eleven Olympic Events sailed in Athens in the summer.......( more )

    Posted On:  16/12/2004 22:17:12

    Notice of Race has been published for the I "Bay of Cadiz - New Year" Training Race to be held at Puerto Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain from January 2nd to 4th  2005.  Mistral Junior - Mistral Youth - Mistral Senior

    Posted On:  03/12/2004 10:57:13

    Yes - there is a World Championships for IMCO in 2005; Yes - the event will be held in Sicily as agreed at the 2004 class AGM. ......( more )

    Windsurf News #39 - December 2004
    Posted On:  28/11/2004 11:08:25
    ISAF Conference Report
    Posted On:  27/11/2004 11:00:06
    2004 IMCO Report to ISAF
    Posted On:  21/11/2004 12:12:06
    Windsurfing in 2005
    Posted On:  19/11/2004 21:50:54
    The selection by ISAF of the RS-X as the equipment for use at the Olympic Games in 2008 has caused a great deal of excitement but at the same time, a lot of questions have been raised about the future structure of the sport.
    Neil Pryde RS:X Selected For 2008
    Posted On:  13/11/2004 11:29:09
    In a packed room at the Marriott hotel here in Copenhagen, the ISAF Council has voted on the equipment to be used in the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta in Qingdao.
    Windsurfing News #38 - November 2004
    Posted On:  10/11/2004 12:31:29
    Posted On:  01/11/2004 17:24:11
    The Tunisian Sailing Federation is currently looking for a single coach ......( more )
    Boardseekers Report on last ISAF Evaluation Trial
    Posted On:  26/10/2004 15:52:28
    Posted On:  17/10/2004 11:41:42

    Attention Olympic Class sailors - dust off your sailing gear! ......( more )

    Posted On:  11/10/2004 17:10:21

    The IMCO/MJOD International Training Camp (junior, youth and seniors), ......( more )

    Windsurfing News #37 - October 2004
    Posted On:  08/10/2004 17:48:13
    Posted On:  29/09/2004 16:15:47

    If the MOD is reselected as the Olympic equipment for the 2008 Olympic Regatta ......( more )

    Windsurfing News #36 - September 2004
    Posted On:  06/09/2004 21:35:31
    Posted On:  03/09/2004 08:52:44

    Julien Bontemps of France stays at the top of the Men's Mistral ranking, but moving up into second place is Olympic bronze medalist, Nick Dempsey of Great Britain, and Przemek Miarczynski of Poland is now third  ......( more )

    Posted On:  25/08/2004 14:16:56

    On a day of paradoxes, Israel won their first Olympic Gold medal in any sport when Gal FRIDMAN did all that was asked of him in the final race of the series, whilst Nikos KAKALAMANAKIS (GRE), his CAS case going against him, brilliantly claimed the Silver medal. ......( more )

    Posted On:  25/08/2004 14:08:34
    After a glorious victory for Israel in the men's event, the women's fleet got underway at 14.22, and was set to be every bit as tense as the preceding men’s final race 11. ......( more )
    Posted On:  25/08/2004 14:00:01
    Men Windsurfer - Mistral: Gal FRIDMAN wins Israel's first ever Gold Medal - Results. Second Nikolaos KAKLAMANAKIS (GBR), third Nick DEMPSEY (GBR)
    Posted On:  25/08/2004 11:26:37
    The first start of the penultimate two races of the Mistral class started after only a 40 minute delay from the scheduled start time while the Meltemi built to a satisfactory windspeed and stable direction. Eventually racing got underway and it was Great Britain's Nick DEMPSEY who took the initial charge. ......( more )
    Posted On:  25/08/2004 11:23:29
    Kendall Double Bullets - Back on form, Barbara took a bullet in today's races 9 and 10, but a case of too little too late in this Olympic game. ......( more )
    Posted On:  22/08/2004 22:35:49
    A day off for the Mistral women fleet. With 8 races completed and the series back on schedule, Sunday sees the reserve day actually being used for rest rather than competition. ......( more )
    Posted On:  22/08/2004 22:30:45
    With racing now held for the past four days on the trot, today sees the fifth consecutive day of competition. A waiting game as the race committee waits for the wind to fill in has seen the fleet struggling to keep to schedule. ......( more )
    Posted On:  20/08/2004 22:31:43
    Windsurfer Men - Mistral - Races 5 and 6 Completed

    Despite posting his only double digit result of the series in today's race 6, Ricardo SANTOS (BRA) continues to lead the men's fleet. ......( more )
    Posted On:  20/08/2004 22:29:40

    Racing Catches Up - Following the 49ers on course area B, the Mistral Women went out to catch up with their schedule on what was initially a reserve day. They came out in the remains of the sea breeze that saw great racing for the 49ers.......( more )

    Posted On:  20/08/2004 22:27:08
    Windsurfing Men - Mistral - One Race Completed
    With four abandoned starts, the Men’s Mistral fleet eventually got one race completed today on a day that saw the lead change in the fleet with the arrival of a new race winner in the form of Ricardo SANTOS (BRA). ......( more )
    Posted On:  18/08/2004 22:37:28
    Kakalamanakis Wins Again!

    The controversial Race one in the Men's Mistral fleet, which was abandoned after a protest was resailed today on course area B following the culmination of the day's racing in the 49er fleet. ......( more )
    Posted On:  18/08/2004 22:33:06
    Hong Kong and Italy On Equal Points

    The 1996 and 2000 gold medallists, Lee Lai SHAN (HKG) and Alessandra SENSINI (ITA) sit on equal points, with Lee Lai, or San San as she is better known, ahead on countback. ......( more )
    Posted On:  18/08/2004 01:11:07

    Thanks to the one and only Bruce KENDALL, his girlfriend Steph and last but not least myself the place to party at the Olympics will be the Mistral Closing Party on the 25th of August at the Cataralla Poolside Cafe for all Olympic Windsurfers and the rest of the IMCO family ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/08/2004 00:30:53

    Aloha from the Olympics Games at Athens! I have made my way down to Athens in order to report on behalf of Mistral / Boards and More at the Olympics 2004. Finally we managed to establish a nice platform at their website, so check out photos, reports and the lastest gossip from Greece at www.mistral.com  ......( more )

    Posted On:  17/08/2004 21:15:46

    After a protest, race 1 of the Men's Mistral was abandoned as none of the boats finished the course in correct fashion.......( more )

    Posted On:  15/08/2004 17:36:47
    Nikolaos KAKLAMANAKIS (GRE), the torchbearer who lit the cauldron at the Olympic stadium, was obviously still on a high as he took first place in the opening race for the Men's Mistral Fleet today! However, it was Przemyslaw MIARCZYNSKI (POL) who was first over the finish line in the second race.

    Barbara KENDALL, New Zealand's most successful female Olympian, with her gold, silver and bronze medals from the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Games, won the first ladies race, but it was Italian Alessandra SENSINI who won the second race. ......( more )
    Posted On:  14/08/2004 14:25:26

    As the Olympic Games returned to its spiritual home last night in a breathtaking opening ceremony that brought the myths of Ancient Greece to life through the magic of 21st century technology.  Windsurfing history was made.
    Nikos KAKLAMANAKIS (GRE), 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist was the torchbearer who lit the cauldron at the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony of the 28th Olympic Games. ......( more )

    Windsurfing News #35 August 2004
    Posted On:  13/08/2004 12:38:43
    Posted On:  10/08/2004 15:41:36

    Only one race for the final day of the Mistral Youth and Junior World Championships in Nessebar, Bulgaria, but no changes in the top positions of the final rankings.

    Results:  Youth Boys & Youth Girls......( more )

    Posted On:  09/08/2004 20:23:04

    The Men's and Women's windsurfing events are two of the most eagerly awaited tests of the 2004 Olympic Games. With 34 nations in the men's event and 26 in the Women's, they will be providing some competitive, physical racing throughout the Olympic Fortnight. ......( more )

    THE ISAF WORLD SAILING RANKINGS - Released 3 August 2004
    Posted On:  04/08/2004 15:44:26

    There is no change at the top of the Windsurfer Men or Women and the fleets are led by French sailors Julien BONTEMPS and Faustine MERRET respectively. For more info, go to:  http://www.sailing.org/rankings/

    Posted On:  04/08/2004 12:11:57

    Record presence in Bulgaria for the 2004 Youth and Junior World Championships......( more )

    Posted On:  04/08/2004 11:34:56
    232 competitors started in Aloha, Mistral and Raceboard Windsurfing Worlds that are taking place in Nessebar, Bulgaria. According to the official statistics of IWA this is a record number of competitors for such an event. The youngest surfers in Aloha and Mistral Junior had 2 races while in Mistral Youth (results) and Raceboard only 1 race took place. ......( more )
    14 days to the Olympics
    Posted On:  30/07/2004 21:49:49
    For all the news in the final run-up to the start of the Olympics, visit the ISAF Olympic Microsite.  Entry lists are available to view - Men and Women.  More news on the ATHOC Website:  www.athens2004.com
    Posted On:  23/07/2004 20:18:39
    Double Location Final Evaluation

    Following on from the ISAF Mid-Year meetings, Part III of the Olympic Windsurfing Equipment Evaluation will be held in England from 16-19 September 2004. ......( more )
    XXXIV Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship
    Posted On:  23/07/2004 20:12:09
    A double win for Poland as Zofia Klepacka takes Gold in the Mistral Girls and Kamil Lewandowski takes Gold in the Mistral Boys at the recent Youth Worlds. For results and news, visit the official event site: http://www.worldyouthsailingpoland.com/
    The IMCO Forum is now LIVE
    Posted On:  20/07/2004 22:16:26
    Join the "Olympic Debate" and share your views
    Windsurfing News #34 July 2004
    Posted On:  14/07/2004 11:20:02
    Posted On:  08/07/2004 18:49:56


    If you are interested in photos from the top athletes who are going to the Olympic Games in Athens then contact ALINE SIEPMANN under aline61@gmx.de. ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/07/2004 10:37:38

    Julien Bontemps (FRA) has popped back to the top of the ISAF World Sailing Rankings following his second place finish at the Mistral European Championships......( more )

    Posted On:  08/07/2004 00:00:00

    With less than 40 days to go to the Opening Ceremony in Athens on 13 August, ISAF is pleased to publish the provisional entry list for nations competing at the 2004 Olympic Sailing Competition on the ISAF Athens 2004 Microsite.......( more )

    Who is going by car to NESSEBAR ?
    Posted On:  28/06/2004 22:14:54

    Would be interested in a possible meeting point next to Dresden or Vienna to drive together to Nessebar.

    Please contact:  Charly Schliemann @ windyfuncom@aol.com or Tel 0049 33844 51251

    Posted On:  28/06/2004 21:56:28

    After 4 stormy and rainy days for the races of the Olympic Classes at the ISAF Grade 1 event in Germany, the fleets experienced rather fluky winds from 6 to 9 knots on the 8 races courses yesterday.......( more )

    Posted On:  28/06/2004 21:40:37
    The Minutes of the 2004 AGM, held in Poland on 9 June, have now been posted.
    Posted On:  20/06/2004 10:19:48

    On the 5th and 6th of July there is a race around Paros for the Mistral One Design Olympic Teams. This includes training partners.......( more )

    Posted On:  14/06/2004 22:47:25

    Showdown on the final day for the women between Spanish Blanca Manchon and French Lise Vidal. ......( more )

    Posted On:  13/06/2004 09:24:07

    After a thrilling and difficult day of racing with once again offshore, shifty and gusty breeze up to 20 knots it was the usual suspect Pont (Pol-126) who celebrated a nice come back in the last and final race of the Europeans at Sopot, Poland. ......( more )

    Posted On:  11/06/2004 13:30:35

    The Championships in Sopot became very spectacular. Przemek Miarczynski and Julien Bontemps are going head to head in overall. French has two bad scores what can give him the disadvantage at the end. They left the others far behind them and it is the only thing to do – to win the Europeans. Who it will be? ......( more )

    Windsurfing Newsletter #33 June 04
    Posted On:  10/06/2004 12:57:28
    Posted On:  09/06/2004 13:18:04

    I am really happy. It was fantastic sailing, commented 2003 Mistral World Champion Pont aka Przemek MIARCZYNSKI (POL-126) on returning to the beach yesterday after what he could only describe as fantastic wind for day three of the championship.  ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/06/2004 09:11:47

    The second day for Mistral sailors in Sopot was unexpectable because of very shifty and gusty – 8-13knots  - offshore wind. But the best sailors were the best again. ......( more )

    ISAF Windsurfing Evaluation Trials
    Posted On:  07/06/2004 15:16:52
    Lake Garda, 3rd - 8th May 2004 - Final Report now available on the ISAF website.
    Posted On:  07/06/2004 10:41:47

    The European Championships started for the athletes when the wind picked up after 3 p.m. today. Every day's competition will be the real challenge for everyone who wants to check their sailing skills before Athens. ......( more )

    Mistral Europeans 2004 - Race Day 1
    Posted On:  06/06/2004 10:28:57

    Again hot temperatures and sunny skies dominate race day 1 after a rather cold and chilly night. So far AP is up and sailors are waiting onshore for the breeze to kick in.

    Posted On:  05/06/2004 16:26:40

    On a beautiful sunny day with 10-12 knots onshore breeze, sailors and coaches left the beach in order to prepare for the practice  race at 2:00PM … ......( more )

    Posted On:  04/06/2004 14:22:36

    This years Mistral Europeans takes place in beautiful Sopot, Poland, which is located nearby Gdansk and directly on the Baltic Sea…......( more )

    Posted On:  04/06/2004 12:14:57

    Issue Date - 3 Jun 2004

    Julien Bontemps (FRA), who managed to cling onto second in Medemblik by a slim margin from ranking leader Max Oberemko (UKR), has popped up at Max' shoulder in second place in the rankings, ......( more )

    Posted On:  04/06/2004 12:00:05

    Issue Date - 3 Jun 2004

    Faustine Merret (FRA), who was a clear winner at SPA, has had her efforts rewarded with a move from third to first in the rankings. She replaces team mate Lise Vidal, whose absence at the Dutch Regatta dropped her into fifth place in the rankings.......( more )

    The Windsurfing Newsletter #32 May 2004
    Posted On:  21/05/2004 21:48:59
    Posted On:  07/05/2004 10:10:04

    Maxim OBEREMKO (UKR) still occupies the top spot that sees him remain as one of the favourites for success at the Olympic Games in Athens. Just behind him, and looking forward to perhaps peaking at the right time is the 2003 World Champion "Pont" MIARCZYNSKI (POL). The top three is rounded out by French windsurfer Nicolas HUGUET. ......( more )

    Posted On:  07/05/2004 10:05:30

    In the Mistral Women there are again some bold appearances in the top flight from some of the younger sailors in the world. 2003 ISAF World Sailing Championship gold medallist Lee KORSIZ  (ISR), following a strong presence on the tour this year, has almost emulated the rise of Tom ASHLEY, and has broken into the world's top 10 at 10, a rise of eleven places.......( more )

    List of men qualified for the MEC posted May 1st
    Posted On:  01/05/2004 15:50:22
    Go to http://www.imco.org/page0172v01.htm for more details
    Posted On:  30/04/2004 11:04:20

    Anyone wishing to secure a top level training partner or coach to finalise their preparations for the 2004 Olympic Regatta should contact Jon Paul Tobin on jonpaultobin@clear.net.nz ......( more )

    IMCO AGM Agenda posted
    Posted On:  26/04/2004 19:34:01

    The agenda can be found at http://www.imco.org/page0211v01.htm
    Minutes of the 2003 AGM can be found at http://www.imco.org/page0147v01.htm

    Posted On:  26/04/2004 19:18:54

    With less than a week to go to the start of the Windsurfing Evaluation event due to be held on Lake Garda, ......( more )

    Posted On:  24/04/2004 11:11:38

    With an outstanding performance from Julien Bontemps (FRA-6) he not only proved that he is the unbeatable World Champion 2004 but also readdy to rock for a medal at Athens as he won the french trials with this Gold Medal. ......( more )

    Posted On:  24/04/2004 10:59:45

    Will there be an end to Alesssandras outstanding performance in the Mistral women circiut? Who is actually gonna stop her from winning? Only 14 points out of 9 races and 36 points ahead of the Vice World Champ Barbara Kendall (NZL-62) and 50 points ahead of Bronze Medalist Faustine Merret (FRA-9)! ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/04/2004 10:54:06

    The Spanish Nationals for Mistral Men and Women will be held in Almeria from the 7th to 11th July.  ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/04/2004 11:07:25
    Further to the question put by the coaches  regarding removal of weight from underneath the mastrack, it seems that the answer given by the ISAF Measurement Supervisor in Turkey, Mr Cliff Norbury may not have been correct. ......( more )
    Posted On:  15/04/2004 10:11:09

    Half way of the Championship have been passed with exciting competition both for men and women.
    On the third day of racing the wind speed reached to 35 knots while both men fleet were on the water. ......( more )

    Mistral World Championships
    Posted On:  14/04/2004 12:00:01
    No reports are coming to us from Turkey but we can see from the results after 6 races for the men that Nicolas Beudou FRA-178 leads the yellow fleet, Nicolas Huguet FRA-8 leads the blue fleet. Only 4 races for the ladies with Alessandra Sensini ITA-25 heading the fleet.
    Mistral World Championships
    Posted On:  12/04/2004 10:53:57
    Results from the Mistral World Championships, Turkey are available to view on the Official Event Website:  http://www.mistralworlds.com/.  After two races, Alessandra Sensini ITA-25 is leading the women's fleet, Julien Bontemps FRA-6 is heading the men's yellow fleet and Nicolas Huguet FRA-8 is top of the men's blue fleet.
    Posted On:  11/04/2004 10:28:03

    Frenchies dominate the Practice Race

    Nicolas HUGUET (FRA-8) and Lise VIDAL (FRA-24) were the first to round the top mark in the men's and women's division in the practice race of the Mistral One-design World Championships in Cesme. ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/04/2004 14:40:54

    This year's Mistral World Championships sponsored by Quiksilver will take place in Turkey at an awesome spot called Cesme. ......( more )

    Posted On:  05/04/2004 11:28:19

    The Mistral class Annual General meeting will be held in Sopot, Poland on June 9th at 1830hrs (during the Mistral Europeans)......( more )

    Posted On:  29/03/2004 09:19:57

    The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is issuing a modified version of the 2004 List of prohibited methods and substances. ......( more )

    Posted On:  26/03/2004 13:53:19

    100 men and 57 women from 42 nations and 6 continents are entered for the 2004 Mistral Worlds ......( more )

    Posted On:  22/03/2004 15:20:55

    The following men qualified to compete in the 2004 Mistral European Championship to bhe staged in Sopot, Poland in June ......( more )

    Posted On:  22/03/2004 10:14:24

    Riva del Garda - Garda Trentino, A slow ending for the “Expert Olympic
    Garda 2004�, ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/03/2004 12:21:03

    It was another long day for the 300 crews at the ISAF Grade 2 and 3 "Expert Olympic Garda 2004", ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/03/2004 15:32:05

    Warm sunny conditions, but light air, greeted the sailors on day two day. ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/03/2004 11:34:19
    As a response to the declining global windsurfboard market, the Boards & More group
    has decided to close its own windsurfboard production site in Molln. This will have an
    impact on around 35 employees.......( more )
    Posted On:  08/03/2004 17:43:09

    The following sailors have been invited to attend as test sailors at the upcoming ISAF Olympic Windsurfing Evaluation Event. ......( more )

    Posted On:  02/03/2004 11:58:11

    Over 300 boats have already registered for the ISAF Grade 2, Expert Olympic Garda 2004, ......( more )

    Posted On:  02/03/2004 11:53:44
    Due to the proximity of dates between the Princess Sofia regatta in Palma and the 2004 Mistral World Championship ......( more )
    Posted On:  25/02/2004 11:58:37

    Windsurfer, Hayley THOM, a seventeen year-old from Auckland has been named as one of two selected by the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) to attend an International Olympic Youth Camp to be held in Athens in August.  ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/02/2004 15:33:36

    The following 5 men have qualified for the 2004 Mistral European Championship to be staged in Sopot, Poland from June 2nd > 12th ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/02/2004 09:55:42

    The Final day of the ISAF Grade 2 Athens Eurolymp Regatta, on the waters that will host the Olympic Regatta in August, ......( more )

    ISAF Evaluatuion Trials - Full list of particpating equipment published
    Posted On:  20/02/2004 15:31:52

    go to http://www.sailing.org/sc.asp?id=Windsurfing_Evaluation_Events for more information

    Athens Eurolymp underway
    Posted On:  20/02/2004 09:35:23
    Results at: http://www.eio.gr/eurolymp/euro2004/results_index.html
    Posted On:  18/02/2004 18:17:07

    ISAF will perform very intense measurement at the 2004 Athens Olympics. ISAF will make rulings and interpretations of class rules. ......( more )

    Posted On:  13/02/2004 14:36:19

    For those wishhing to race in the Semaine Olympique Francaise, here are the essential links ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/02/2004 15:16:46

    Albaria are keen to encourage entries to what will be one of the most 'fun' events staged in 2004 ......( more )

    Posted On:  11/02/2004 13:13:49

    Maxim OBEREMKO (UKR) has returned to the top of the rankings after a three month sabbatical in second place. ......( more )

    Photos from New Zealand
    Posted On:  11/02/2004 13:10:39
    If you are interested in photos from the New Zealand Mistral Olympic trials and the Sail Auckland event please check out what I've shot at http://www.chriscameron.co.nz/
    Posted On:  11/02/2004 09:57:30

    ISAF, the Olympic Classes and the Organizers of the multi-Olympic Class Grade 1 Olympic Class Events met in Bern, Switzerland ......( more )

    Amendment to 2004 Mistral World Championship NoR issued today
    Posted On:  04/02/2004 17:22:56
    Posted On:  02/02/2004 17:59:09

    The first ISAF World Sailing Rankings - the Official ISAF Rankings for Olympic Classes is due to be released on Wednesday. ......( more )

    Posted On:  02/02/2004 17:43:30

    The ISAF Olympic Windsurfing Equipment Evaluation Event, to be held on Lake Garda, Italy from 3-6 May 2004 ......( more )

    Posted On:  02/02/2004 10:46:58
    Copies of the DVD of the 2003 Mistral World Championship in Cadiz are available from the Andalusian Sailing Federation. ......( more )
    Posted On:  29/01/2004 08:49:17
    It will only be possible to use some MOD masts, centreboards and fins at the 2004 Mistral Worlds and Olympic Gmaes.......( more )
    Posted On:  29/01/2004 08:46:40
    There have been several changes made within ISAF to the Anti-Doping
    policies and procedures. ......( more )
    Men qualifed for the Mistral Europeans - First batch
    Posted On:  28/01/2004 17:22:02
    Posted On:  25/01/2004 23:36:47

    With Ashley and Wells on equal points leading into the final race the pressure was on. ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/01/2004 17:26:15
    Racing resumed today, as scheduled, and with winds gusting well over the 15 knot limit the selectors have set for starting races, ......( more )
    Posted On:  23/01/2004 16:40:41

    Twenty-one year old James Wells from Bucklands Beach scored his third bullet of the series which sees him take the overall lead from Tom Ashley. ......( more )

    2004 Class Rules posted - effective January 23rd 2004
    Posted On:  22/01/2004 19:30:36
    Posted On:  22/01/2004 14:37:13

    In a recent meeting of ISAF Windsurfing class chairmen and elected representatives at the London Boat Show, ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/01/2004 08:19:53
    John Reed, Secretary to the World Sailing Speed Record Council has announced the ratification of a new World Record ......( more )
    Posted On:  19/01/2004 18:32:08

    Racing continued today in what was day three of the 2004 Yachting New Zealand Olympic Nomination trials. ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/01/2004 18:06:38

    There is now less than two weeks to go before the entry deadline for MNA's to register sailors and manufacturers.......( more )

    Posted On:  19/01/2004 18:01:51

    The 3rd University World Sailing Championship will take place from 2 - 9 July 2004 in Karsiyaka, Izmir, Turkey. ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/01/2004 09:14:30

    London, England: The hottest seats in town Sunday night were at the Schroders London International Boat Show, UKWA versus PWA at the Virgin Indoor Windsurfing Championships. ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/01/2004 09:01:50

    Julien Bontemps (FRA) had the Mistral Mens sailboard at the Sail Melbourne Regatta wrapped up yesterday, ......( more )

    Posted On:  16/01/2004 08:55:19

    The eagerly awaited inaugural British Indoor Windsurfing Championships got underway on Sunday in the East Hall pool watersports feature at the Schroders London International Boatshow. ......( more )

    Posted On:  16/01/2004 08:38:16

    Faustine Merret(FRA) finished with a win and two third places to continue her lead of the Mistral Womens class at Sail Melbourne on Port Phillip Bay today.......( more )

    2004 Mistral World Championship website now LIVE!
    Posted On:  14/01/2004 16:54:52
    go t http://www.mistralworlds.com/content/index.asp
    Posted On:  14/01/2004 09:07:41

    The IMCO Annual General Meeting will be held in Sopot, Poland on Wednesday June 9th at 1830hrs during the Mistral European Championship. ......( more )

    Posted On:  14/01/2004 09:04:11

    Allison Shreeve (AUS) and Jessica Crisp (AUS) are both determined to get the Olympic spot for Athens - but only one can go.......( more )

    Posted On:  12/01/2004 22:47:30
    At a meeting of the IWA Executive Committee on Saturday 10 January, Peter Krimbacher was unanimously elected IWA President for the coming year. ......( more )
    Posted On:  12/01/2004 19:25:06

    Following the hugely successful first part of the Olympic Windsurfing Equipment Evaluation Event in Cadiz in September 2003, ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/01/2004 09:36:40

    Sailors have less than two weeks to complete on-line registration for the 2004 Rolex Miami OCR, ......( more )

    Posted On:  07/01/2004 18:46:56

    The revised version of Appenidx B is very close to completion. ......( more )

    Posted On:  06/01/2004 10:11:30
    This is the first in a series of Mediterranean  events to which are associated all countries around the Med......( more )
    Posted On:  06/01/2004 09:47:02
     ISAF looks forward to a New Year and the major challenges which lay ahead. ......( more )
    2004 Mistral Asian Championship - NoR posted
    Posted On:  19/12/2003 10:44:07
    The Notice of Race for the Mistral Asian Championships and the Mistral Asian Youth Championship has just been published at http://www.imco.org/page0193v01.htm
    Posted On:  19/12/2003 09:39:49

    ISAF Council has reviewed and reversed the decision to do away with a Drop Race at the Olympic Games. ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/12/2003 09:33:49

    Subsequent to the ISAF November Conference 2003 when the ISAF Council decided to introduce "no drop races" for the 2004 Olympic Regatta, ......( more )

    Posted On:  17/12/2003 10:34:23

    This event will include the Mistral Junior and Mistral Youth European championships. ......( more )

    Posted On:  17/12/2003 09:18:38

    Following on from the successful ISAF Windsurfing Presentation Event held at Cadiz,......( more )

    Posted On:  15/12/2003 18:09:09

    Faustine Merret (3rd place Mistral Worlds, 2nd place Mistral Europeans and on the right above) was one of those nominated as one of the French sailors of the year ......( more )

    Posted On:  15/12/2003 18:01:12

    It is with deep regret that we advise that Heebum KWON, ISAF Council Member, passed away on Sunday 26 November 2003. ......( more )

    Posted On:  07/12/2003 07:03:00

    Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico

    Thursday, December 4th. 2003

    Jim Morrison wrote few years ago "This is the end". A good start for a perfect finish.

    Saturday saturated with satisfactions. From dawn, wake up coffees, one final race, lunch, wrap-it-up maneuvers, prizing ceremony, to the International Disco Party.......( more )

    Posted On:  06/12/2003 08:54:25

    Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico

    Friday, December 5th. 2003

    Thanks God is - today.

    Several million years ago, exactly here, in this point of the planet, an asteroid  impacted the earth making one of the most important moments of change in the pre-history.......( more )

    World Championships 2003 - Provisional results in full
    Posted On:  05/12/2003 16:19:06
    To date we have only been able to bring you the top three in each fleet.  We now have the full listing.  (Please choose from left hand menu under 2003 Youth Worlds.)
    Posted On:  05/12/2003 16:15:06

    Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico
    Thursday, December 4th. 2003

    The spirit is in-crescendo and the sailing fiesta continues.......( more )

    Posted On:  04/12/2003 19:17:10

    The sun has returned to the tropic and the temperature is in the high twenties (Celsius) at 11:30 am. The soft breeze comes from the north-northeast with a speed of 4 knots. ......( more )

    Posted On:  03/12/2003 00:00:00
    From 11 a.m., 154 competitors from 20 countries went out to the sea. Winds from the northeast with an average speed between 10 to 15 knots prevailed throughout the journey. ......( more )
    Posted On:  25/11/2003 09:01:33

    Peter Wells gives an excellent 'blow-by-blow'  account of the US Olympic trials, which Peter won ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/11/2003 16:18:14

    Windsurfing men and windsurfing women have been selected by ISAF as two events for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/11/2003 17:22:58
    Posted On:  18/11/2003 09:10:25

    Here's one opinion... Tom Ehman (Olympic Jury Member in 1992 and 1996) ......( more )

    Posted On:  10/11/2003 08:04:58
    The US Sailing Center-Martin Co. (Jensen Beach, Fla.) will host the two boardsailing ......( more )
    Posted On:  28/10/2003 11:35:34
    The 2004 Championship Rules will be included in the NoR for all IMCO sanctioned regattas.......( more )
    Posted On:  28/10/2003 00:00:00

    Nikos Kaklamanakis (GRE) has been chosen by Eurosport International to feature in "Mission to Athens" ......( more )

    2004 Mistral Worlds NoR Published
    Posted On:  18/10/2003 11:02:53
    Posted On:  17/10/2003 11:52:19

    ISAF has received results from the most recent doping tests undertaken, and all were negative. ......( more )

    Posted On:  10/10/2003 13:05:38

    ISAF and Rolex are proud to announce the male and female sailors shortlisted for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2003......( more )

    Posted On:  09/10/2003 17:31:10

    The Pre-Notice of Race for the 2004 Mistral Youth Worlds was publsihed today (see upcoming events)......( more )

    Posted On:  03/10/2003 10:02:01

    Cannabinoids (e.g. hashish and marijuana) are to become prohibited. In previous years, (2003 inclusive), Cannabinoids have not been proscribed by ISAF, and have only been banned for the Olympic Regatta.......( more )

    ISAF Rankings - Latest issue
    Posted On:  02/10/2003 14:01:56
    Go to http://www.sailing.org/Article_content.asp?ArticleID=5545 fo the latest ISAF Ranking List updated after the 2003 Mistral World Championship
    Posted On:  30/09/2003 15:00:11

    The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) published today the 2004 Prohibited List approved by the Agency’s Executive Committee. This List shall come into effect on January 1st, 2004. ......( more )

    Posted On:  30/09/2003 09:40:03

    The Turkish windsurf team requires coaching support between November 22nd and 30th 2003.......( more )

    Posted On:  24/09/2003 09:39:56

    At the recent ISAF World Championship, the Windsurfing Evaluation team, members of the Windsurfing Committee, the Chairman of the Sailing Committee and the Chairman of the Events Committee listened to presentations from members of the Windsurfing Industry ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/09/2003 15:22:40

    The Paradise Race is back on track !  This first edition of the Paradise Race will take place in the
    Dominican Republic from the 18th to the 26th of January 2004. ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/09/2003 21:58:24


    History has been made.......( more )

    Posted On:  21/09/2003 21:41:37

    Pont took the Gold Medal with a race to spare so the fight was on for Silver and Bronze. ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/09/2003 10:00:47
    Sailors awoke with with high expectations on this very last days On this very last day of the 2003 ISAF World Championships at Cadiz.......( more )
    Posted On:  20/09/2003 15:10:00
    Pont gives victory speech......( more )
    Posted On:  20/09/2003 15:10:00

    Przemek Miarczynski crowned Mistral World Champion 2003 ......( more )

    Posted On:  20/09/2003 09:28:52
    Pont and Allison give a press conference......( more )
    Posted On:  19/09/2003 15:58:25

    Back on the racing course Levante winds were blowing once again with 20/25 knots.......( more )

    Posted On:  19/09/2003 08:09:58
    A restful day after such a windy first half of a regatta......( more )
    Posted On:  17/09/2003 17:08:56

    Pont (POL) once again dominated taking two firsts......( more )

    Posted On:  17/09/2003 10:03:00

    10 am report.......( more )

    Posted On:  16/09/2003 18:54:27

    So from my earlier report, the weather did exactly what was supposed to happen. ......( more )

    Posted On:  16/09/2003 10:38:17

    The conditions have abated since last night,......( more )

    Posted On:  15/09/2003 17:59:51

    Levante levante levante. It really didn't stop blowing today. ......( more )

    Posted On:  15/09/2003 09:36:23

    So here we are at the beginning once again.
         The 2003 worlds are about to get under way and the Levante winds are
    back upon us. ......( more )

    Posted On:  15/09/2003 09:06:57

    So after the lavante wind destroyed every body the day before we were left yesterday with beautiful skies and light poniente breeze(sea breeze).......( more )

    Posted On:  14/09/2003 09:51:08

    IMCO Executive secretary looses it at measurement tent. ......( more )

    Posted On:  13/09/2003 16:34:54

    Worlds measurement Day 2 – afternoon. Measurement woes aleviated. Lavante breeze 28 to 36 knots. ......( more )

    Posted On:  13/09/2003 09:58:25
     There was a small problem in the measurement area yesterday ......( more )
    Posted On:  12/09/2003 10:55:22

    With 122 men and 71 women to scrutineer, the measurement team will be busy over the next three days. ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/09/2003 10:42:26

    Maxim OBEREMKO from the Ukraine continues to lead the field ahead of Jon-Paul TOBIN (NZL).......( more )

    Posted On:  12/09/2003 10:26:43

    Because of the formula with which the ISAF World Sailing Rankings are worked out, ......( more )

    Posted On:  09/09/2003 10:49:24
    Lise VIDAL, the 25 year old ISAF World Ranked number one from France, ......( more )
    Posted On:  09/09/2003 10:37:55
    One of the most physical of all Olympic disciplines, ......( more )
    Posted On:  04/09/2003 10:06:56

    The Total Number of Countries entered in the Mistral Men's Fleet is 40 and in the womne's is 29 ......( more )

    Posted On:  04/09/2003 09:50:39
    Following a telephone call, a day before yesterday from Paul Henderson, President of the ISAF, ......( more )
    Posted On:  29/08/2003 10:17:02

    Italian Olympic champion in Sydney Alessandra Sensini today gave her worst performance in the womens Mistral class in this Regatta, coming sixth in the 9th race of the series, but in no danger of losing the gold as her placement still gave her more than enough points to win.......( more )

    Posted On:  29/08/2003 10:14:39

    Nikos Kaklamanakis was the victor ludorum at the Regatta Athens 2003, just as at last year’s event, proving that he remains as always one of the top competitors in the Mistral class.......( more )

    Pre-Olympics - Day 8
    Posted On:  28/08/2003 10:59:53

    In the men's and women's Mistral class, despite the efforts of sport administrators, it was not possible to run the two races scheduled for today in each class.

    Tomorrow is the last day of the Athens 2003 Regatta, with races scheduled for the Mistral, Europe, Laser, Tornado and 49er classes.

    Posted On:  27/08/2003 12:01:11
    Windsurfing Presentation Event - Sailors Invited
    22 - 24 September 2003, Cadiz, SPAIN - Following the culmination of the windsurfing event at the ISAF World Championship in Cadiz, there is a unique opportunity for all sailors to participate in the ISAF windsurfing Presentation Event. Att köpa viagra receptfritt symtomen kommer i 36-årsåldern med dålig matsmältning och nedsatt produktion.......( more )
    Posted On:  27/08/2003 11:11:33

    he seventh day of the Athens 2003 Regatta Sport Event, held in the Agios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Centre,......( more )

    Posted On:  26/08/2003 14:53:58

    ISAF have issued an amendment to the Emergency Rule Change of 19 August 2003 in accordance with ISAF Regulation 26:......( more )

    Pre-Olympics - Day 5
    Posted On:  25/08/2003 12:31:51
    Lay day!
    Posted On:  24/08/2003 14:10:16

    Alessandra Sensini (ITA) continues her advance in an impressive way, ......( more )

    Posted On:  24/08/2003 14:00:03

    How the leaders see it ! ......( more )

    Posted On:  24/08/2003 13:44:55

    Alessandra Sensini (ITA) shone once more making her almost a definite gold medallist ......( more )

    Posted On:  24/08/2003 13:30:51

    Fair play at its best. The Greek Gold Olympic medallist at Atlanta, Nikos Kaklamanakis......( more )

    Posted On:  22/08/2003 08:45:47
    Layday! ... but here's more on yesterday ......( more )
    Posted On:  21/08/2003 09:06:39

    Yesterday's robust meltemi was replaced by a weaker cousin for today's races ......( more )

    Posted On:  19/08/2003 12:40:40

    Class Rules C.6.2 (a), C.6.3 and C.7.2 (c) have been amended ......( more )

    Posted On:  14/08/2003 11:23:03

    The Youth World Championship will be staged in Nessebar, Bulgaria......( more )

    Posted On:  12/08/2003 18:01:24

    Marking `One Year to Go' before the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad get underway in Athens......( more )

    Posted On:  12/08/2003 17:53:17

    No change here either ! Lise VIDAL (FRA) retains her pole position ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/08/2003 17:38:14

    No change at the top. Maxim OBEREMKO (UKR) continues to lead the world ......( more )

    Posted On:  11/08/2003 18:35:49

    Sailing at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo concluded on Sunday. ......( more )

    Posted On:  11/08/2003 15:27:47

    The presentation of the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2003, ......( more )

    Posted On:  11/08/2003 11:55:06
    The normal IMCO world championship qualification system will be applied ......( more )
    Posted On:  10/08/2003 07:45:42

    With a very comfortable 23 point cushion, Tom could afford a mistake or two......( more )

    Posted On:  09/08/2003 21:27:05

    Today Zofia found that extra gear that makes her special ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/08/2003 17:34:19

    It's Tom Ashley (NZL 181) on the top step of the podium ......( more )

    Posted On:  08/08/2003 08:08:10

    Kimberly Birkenfeld had it all at 37 ......( more )

    Posted On:  07/08/2003 16:59:04

    Tom Ashley (NZL 181) moves on to the top of the leader board ......( more )

    Posted On:  06/08/2003 19:48:07

    Zofia stumbled today ! Relatively speaking of course ......( more )

    Posted On:  05/08/2003 17:18:12

    Zofia Klepacka (POL8), 4 time ISAF Youth World Champion, ......( more )

    Posted On:  01/08/2003 07:46:27

    Since the discussions at the 2003 MEC about possible class rule changes ......( more )

    Posted On:  29/07/2003 09:49:14

    The first teams have checked into the new Pan American Village in Santo Domingo,......( more )

    Event website - 2003 Youth Europeans
    Posted On:  29/07/2003 09:13:28
    Go to http://moksir.puck.pl/english.html 
    Posted On:  26/07/2003 10:38:53
    For Mariano BENITEZ (ARG), one leg of one race ......( more )
    Posted On:  23/07/2003 14:30:22

    Well, Let's just stick to the North coast of Europe for the moment......( more )

    Posted On:  22/07/2003 13:08:31

    The Protocol department of the 2003 ISAF World Championships Cadiz have the pleasure of inviting ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/07/2003 12:33:44
    An amendment to the Notice of Race has been made ......( more )
    Posted On:  21/07/2003 10:35:07

    In March 2003, ISAF invited submissions from sailboard manufacturers ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/07/2003 10:30:59

    The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) welcomed with great satisfaction the formal adoption ......( more )

    Posted On:  21/07/2003 10:08:40
    Mundovela has opened a technical office next to the Andalusian Sailing Federation ......( more )
    Posted On:  02/07/2003 08:11:18

    It is impossible to fly from Warsaw to Gdansk with your equipment the planes are too small.......( more )

    Posted On:  30/06/2003 11:09:24

    ISAF has extended the deadline for registrations for the September 2003 trials until July 14th. ......( more )

    Posted On:  30/06/2003 11:04:28

    Do NOT under any circumstances travel to the worlds without booking your accommodation in advance......( more )

    Posted On:  30/06/2003 07:57:52

    Lee Lai Shan ( HKG- 1 ) and Joao Rodriguez ( POR - 75 ) take the title at Kiel Week 2003. ......( more )

    Posted On:  30/06/2003 07:43:31

    The day started with light easterly winds and warm sunny temperatures. ........( more )

    Posted On:  27/06/2003 18:48:49

    Flat sea made sailing impossible this morning. ......( more )

    Posted On:  26/06/2003 18:54:24

    The second day of racing began with sunny warm weather and a light breeze ......( more )

    Posted On:  26/06/2003 17:20:54

    Day One

    104 men and 47 women are competing in the Mistral Class.......( more )

    Posted On:  18/06/2003 14:22:21

    Mundovela has now published the NoR for the SPanish Nationals.......( more )

    Posted On:  18/06/2003 12:45:00

    The IWA Yearbook is now available on CD with up-dates and bonus material. ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/06/2003 12:41:30
    The agenda for the IWA AGM Agenda has now been published. ......( more )
    Posted On:  18/06/2003 12:20:33

    Please note that a mistake has been spotted in the schedule shown in the NoR for this event. Competitors must plan to leave on August 10th. A revised NoR has been posted (see below) ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/06/2003 12:08:27

    Book your flights now! The Reef Yucatan Hotel is providing free accommodation and food. ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/06/2003 12:03:09

    The ISAF Council has dropped any reference to One Design equipment in the proposed criteria in light of the industry wish to have a measurement class. ......( more )

    Posted On:  18/06/2003 10:50:42

    Youth -
    http://www.internationalwindsurfing.com/default.asp?menu=244&parent=94&grandparent=3 ......( more )

    Posted On:  17/06/2003 09:56:39

    The Sopot Klub Zeglarski celebrated the completion of a Euro 1.5m refurbishment last weekend ......( more )

    Posted On:  03/06/2003 12:24:18

    Results from the Mistral Europeans and Spa have been included in the rankings since their last issue (8 May 2003): ......( more )

    Posted On:  29/05/2003 12:16:52

    The cut off date for requests for additional places is June 1st 2003.
    The cut off date for entries to the Mistral Worlds is June 10th  2003 ......( more )

    Posted On:  27/05/2003 18:06:09

    a) The events committee asked the council to make sure that the proposed 2003 evaluation event scheduled for September is structured and reported as such. ......( more )

    For all the latest from SPA
    Posted On:  21/05/2003 09:35:33
    More than 70 men and 30 women are registered for SPA. Go to http://sparegatta.org/2003/default.asp for more info
    Posted On:  20/05/2003 11:08:55
    Calling all Mistral One Design Masters... Are you a legend? Do you want to race in a fleet with some of the truly great? ......( more )
    Posted On:  15/05/2003 16:30:10

    Julien Bontemps and Alessandra Sensini crowned European Champion at the 2003 Mistral European Championships at Mondello, Sicily.......( more )

    Mistral Europeans - Day Six
    Posted On:  14/05/2003 11:31:05

    Day 6 - Frustration for everybody.  AP was hoisted at 9:30 AM, remained in place until 16:30, when an evening breeze kicked in sufficient to allow racing.  Eventually the race committee ran out of time as no start could be completed until 6:00 PM.

    Sailors were sent back onshore frustrated and mentally exhausted from waiting all day in the heat. Ciao Aline


    Mistral Europeans - Day Six
    Posted On:  13/05/2003 10:17:50

    at the moment we have an AP flag onshore until the breeze will hopefully fill in

    Posted On:  13/05/2003 10:05:47

    What an awesome day of racing at Capo Gallo! The start was posted for 10:00 AM but due to the lack of wind the race committee hoisted the AP flag onshore. Locals forecasted a day of building breeze and the race committee picked the perfect time to send men’s Gold and Women’s fleet to ever increasing north west breeze on the orange course. ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 19:49:23

    Many thanks to Paco´s mother´s hospitality. Sailors enjoyed an amazing after hours pasta and wine extravaganza, italian style. We were treated at Paco WIRZ (ITA-1) palatial house. Just on time competitors celebrated Catalina WALTHER´s birthday (ARG-5). Afterwards the crowd changed location back to the Albaria Beach Bar for more drinks.......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 19:38:32

    Day 3 afternoon - at 2:30 PM the men fleets got ready to race on the inside of  Mondello Bay with 12- 15 knots easterly wind direction. The blue group was sent off first at 3:00 PM finally with planing conditions and smoked upwind with the right side towards the point surely the place everybody wanted to be.......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 19:33:51

    Day  3 -  Sailors awoke today to fresh breeze and high hopes for a break to the light wind pattern that had plagued the event so far.  The Men’s course was located just east of Capo Gallo and competitors arrived to find a beautiful 12 to 15 knot northwest wind.  As the start time approached things began to take a turn for the worse.  ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 19:30:01

    The unstable weather conditions surely tested the race committees´  and sailors´ patience and nerves as it was almost impossible to forecast the weather for the next few hours. After a short break on the beach, they asked all the competitors to sail to their racing areas again. ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 19:18:50

    Day 2 - Ciao da Mondello - he second day of the Mistral European Championship started with overcast misty weather and dead flat sea. Around 10:00 AM the breeze set in with about 4-6 knots increasing. ......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 18:17:31

     Ciao da Mondello - on the first day of the European Championships 2 races completed by the women and one race each for both divisions of the men. The conditions were 8-12 knots with easterly wind and high humidity conditions.......( more )

    Posted On:  12/05/2003 17:49:48
     Welcome to Mondello - The Albaria Sailing Club is proud to host the 2003 Mistral European Championships which will be held from the 5th to the 14th of May.

    More and more competitors are arriving at the beautiful bay of  Mondello to find perfect conditions today ......( more )

    2003 MEC - Coach Boat Charters.. the latest
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:46:01
    There are no more coachboats for rental at Euro 75 per day. If you wish to charter a boat, it is recommended that you contact the organisers immediately to secure one at the very best price now available.
    Olympic Garda - Results
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:43:57
    Event site:
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:43:14

    1.Are sailors allowed to use 2000 sails at the European Champs.

    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:42:35

    US Sailing has announced the selection process for the Cadiz Worlds 2003: ......( more )

    Logos at the Olympics
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:42:02
    Looking towards the Olympics, a number of issues were discussed. Starting with logos and branding, the IOC has now confirmed the manufacturer trademark logo sizes that competitors are allowed to wear on their personal clothing, accessories and equipment during the Games. ISAF has successfully lobbied to achieve some exceptions to the standard IOC regulations for sailing. ISAF will inform MNA’s and publish full details on the ISAF website, to ensure manufacturers of equipment are fully aware and have due time, if they so wish, to amend logo sizes to maximise exposure within the IOC rules.
    Future Olympic Programme
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:41:32
    This first quarter ISAF Executive Committee Meeting addressed a variety of issues on the sport. Amongst one of the first agenda items discussed was the proposal in August 2002 to reduce the sports and events for future Olympiads, as put forward by the IOC appointed Olympic Programme Commission. Sailing was threatened with a reduction in events, with the keelboat pinpointed. Since that date ISAF has been lobbying the IOC to secure at the least, that if there is a reduction in the number of medals ISAF retains its autonomy to select the Olympic sailing event which will be eliminated, and at the other end that sailing retain the status quo with 11 events. A final decision is expected from the IOC Executive Board during 2003. However, with additional pressure from the other sports who were targeted by the Olympic Programme Commission’s proposals, it is hoped that whatever the IOC’s decision, there will be no change for sailing until after Beijing 2008.
    Promotion of Sailing
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:38:58
    The ISAF President has personally taken onboard the mantle to promote the sport as a whole and the role the various partners in our sport – ISAF, Member National Authorities, Classes, boat and equipment manufacturers, commercial sailing schools/holiday companies and others – play to support the ongoing development and participation in sailing. The recent Sailing Summit in Australia concluded the need for ISAF to take the lead and the ISAF President will be coming forward with initial proposals at the forthcoming 2003 ISAF Mid-Year Meetings.
    2003 Spanish Champs - OPEN event
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:32:51
    The Spanish Championships for the Olympic Classes will be held here in Cadiz from the 7th to 10th September 2003. These will be an open event and therefore ideal for competitors wishing to do some last minute training before the worlds!
    20 kgs FREE excess baggage to the 03 MACC
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:31:56

    Malaysia Airlines have finally come back with their offer.

    20 kg.Free excess baggage and 50% discount on any additional excess baggage.To be eligible,all
    competitors must confirm their date and point of departure with the Penang Swimming Club who will
    then reconfirm with Malaysia Airlines.

    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:31:02

    Yesterday I posted the ISAF official system for ALLOCATING the maximum number of places on the world championship start line. This was approved by the ISAF Council in November 2002. The actual system by which a country selects atheletes to compete is in the hands of each national authority. Some of these may have an existing qualification sytem which is based on national competitions. ......( more )

    03 cadiz Coach Boat - Launching
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:30:25
    The port authorities in Puerto Sherry are insisting on seeing insurance documents and the registration documents for each coach boat before it is launched or allocated a mooring. Some of the coaches from other classes training down here were not able to launch their RIBs last week.
    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:29:20

    ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:28:15

    For The
    16/01/03 ......( more )

    Posted On:  23/04/2003 13:26:05

    As previously advised in Making Waves, from 1 January 2003 the new lists of
    banned substances and methods became effective. ......( more )