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    ONE DROP at the Olympic Regatta - Result of electronic vote
    Posted On:  19/12/2003 09:33:49

    Subsequent to the ISAF November Conference 2003 when the ISAF Council decided to introduce "no drop races" for the 2004 Olympic Regatta, the ISAF Council has today reviewed and reversed the decision made. Whilst the  Council, the final decision making body of ISAF, supported the decision
    made in November, after ensuing communications it was felt that the decision was too important a change from the original submission (Submission 048A-03) and should be further debated.

    ISAF therefore confirms that the system for the 2004 Olympic Regatta will remain as before, with all events, except the double-handed dinghy open - 49er, scheduled to sail an eleven race series with one discard when five to eleven races have been completed, and the 49er scheduled to sail a sixteen race series with one discard when five to eleven races have been completed and two discards when twelve or more races have been completed.

    Submission 048A-03 is consequently deferred for discussion at the ISAF Mid-Year Meetings in June 2004. However, ISAF is pleased by the valuable and productive debate which has developed as a result of the original decision on Submission 048A-03. Not only have issues been raised on the various implications of introducing no drop races, but also a number of other matters which ISAF will now review. These include, but are not limited to, the scoring system when boats finish outside of the race time limit, the maximum number of races allowed each day per event and informing sailors when they are OCS (on course side).

    Responding to the requests of ISAF Member National Authorities and Council Members, the ISAF Executive Committee will further discuss these issues at their meeting in February 2004, and a report will be presented to the ISAF Council for their consideration at the ISAF Mid-Year Meetings in June 2004.
    - ISAF website: www.sailing.org/Article_content.asp?ArticleID=6033

    The content of Submission 048A-03 is online: