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    World Championships 2003, Mexico - Last day of activities
    Posted On:  07/12/2003 07:03:00

    Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico

    Thursday, December 4th. 2003

    Jim Morrison wrote few years ago "This is the end". A good start for a perfect finish.

    Saturday saturated with satisfactions. From dawn, wake up coffees, one final race, lunch, wrap-it-up maneuvers, prizing ceremony, to the International Disco Party.

    For a week in the Yucatan, sails were bigger than we have ever seen. They were as big as the effort and the heart of the competitors. All of us who were there to witness honorable participants holding proudly to a boom like if it was the mast of their flag, felt our heart growing too... with enthusiasm and joy.

    All of them are winners. They have been in the land of the "Mayab", which in the Mayan language means "not many". Therefore, this is the land of the few, of the chosen. The land of the ones that believed in themselves so much, that others could notice it and have helped them to come here.

    This is the end of this event.  For full results please go to: http://www.imco.org/page0103v01.htm

    Organizers, Executive Board of Directors, Regatta committe, judges, regatta officers, rescue staff, medical  assistance, hotel staff, office personnel, assistants and the people of logistics: Congratulations. Your job has been very well done!

    All the sponsors were thanked for their valuable support.

    Yucatan Government, Federacion Mexicana de Vela, Instituto del Deporte de Yucatan, Telcel, LG Electronics,  Aiwa, Corona Beer, Aeromexico, Marina Silcer, Hotel Reef. Yucatan, Rams Cottons, Bomssa, Coca Cola, Dipay, Siete Machos Parfumes and Vales Consorcio Creativo and Air Europa .

    We thank all of the participants for honoring us with their presence. These women, men and children acted like all nations should. They have drawn on our faces a smile of hope.

    The next year we will change the Gulf of Mexico's green waters in to a Black Sea.

    See you in Bulgaria.

    Jorge A. Vales

    Communications Center