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    US Olympic Trials
    Posted On:  10/11/2003 08:04:58
    The US Sailing Center-Martin Co. (Jensen Beach, Fla.) will host the two boardsailing events (Mistral Men and Mistral Women) with racing scheduled for November 8-16, 2003. The planned 16-race series will allow competitors to drop their worst finish after five races, with a second drop after 12 races have been completed. - For complete results, US Sailing, http://www.ussailing.org/Olympics/OlympicTrials/2004

    Mistral-Men (10 boards; 4 races)
    1. Peter Wells (Newport Beach, CA) 8 pts
    2. Kevin Jewett (Deephaven, MN) 9
    3. Ben Barger (St. Petersburg, FL) 14

    Mistral -Women (10 boards; 4 races)
    1. Lanee Beashel (Dana Point, CA) 4 pts
    2. Taylor Duch (Savannah, GA) 10
    3. Beth Winkler (Cocoa Beach, FL) 12