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    Mistral One Design is born under a lucky star!
    Posted On:  03/10/2009 11:16:18
    Dear friends,

    I am glad to inform you that IMCO is still alive and so is the "born under a lucky star" Mistral One Design.

    Over an uncertain period of two years B & M had minimal interest in the Mistral brand and sold it in 2008 to the new International Mistral Bv group owned by the Twente-based family company Van Merksteijn BV and by entrepreneur and investor Ado Huisman.  The final Mistral hardware range of equipment deal was finalized in May 2009.  Ado Huisman, involved since the good old days, found in Anders Bringdal International Co an enthusiastic and skilled licensee for Mistral boards production.

    Over the last three months, IMCO and Anders have kept in close contact to work on any possibilities to continue the MOD production and respond to the real demand particularly from Asia but also to be well represented in the 7.5 growing Raceboard division.

    Thanks to Anders, solutions to tricky issues have been found to enable a new MOD production within four months as from now and offer a new competitive updated equipment package.

    IMCO will support this new venture by all means.

    Any breaking news will be posted on the IMCO web site.

    Jean-Francois Reggio
    IMCO Chairman