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    Class Rule Changes?
    Posted On:  01/08/2003 07:46:27

    Since the discussions at the 2003 MEC about possible class rule changes IMCO has been in regular contact ISAF who have agreed that sanding should be legal on the "underside" of the hull only (CR#C.6.3 c). Emergency rule change is on the way on this point.

    However, ISAF will do their own research into the following
    a) The optimisation of the 142 dimension;
    b) the optimisation of the shimming in the cassette box;
    c) the sanding of the head of the fin;

    This research will take place at the Pre-Olympic Test Event in Athens in August. They will then consider whether an emergency rule is necessary. If so, this will be done in time for the Worlds in Cadiz.

    IMCO has continuing contacts with ISAF on this issue and is doing its best to put the racers point of view