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    Pre-Olympics Day 4 - Race Reports
    Posted On:  24/08/2003 14:10:16

    Alessandra Sensini (ITA) continues her advance in an impressive way, adding today two more first places in her collection, having now won first place five times and second place once. In today’s first race, Australia’s Shreeve and Great Britain’s Sturges finished second and third respectively behind Sensini, with Israel’s Korsiz and Shreeve finishing behind her in the second race. Greece’s Athena Frey is making good progress, and, after the ninth and fourth positions that she won today, is currently 6th in the general ranking with 30 penalty points.

    Results at: http://www.athens2004.com/files/testeventsailing/SAW74A1_%20SAW001100_C74A_6_0.pdf

    Nikos Kaklamanakis (GRE), is full on yesterday’s races. He won the fourth race and lost the first place in the third race, as he chose to assist the Swiss Anja Kaeser rather than cover the last fifty metres of the race and finish first, proving his class. He won both races, climbing at the same time to the first place in the general ranking, covering in just one day the difference keeping him away from the top.

    In addition to Nikos Kaklamanakis, the other “Blue Chips� in Sailing, such as Italy’s Alessandra Sensini (Women’s Mistral), Great Britain’s Ben Ainslie (Finn) and Brazil’s Robert Scheidt (Laser), today had also a steady rise in the stock market of the Athens 2003 Regatta, with consecutive ‘limits up’ being an indication of large profits for the sport’s fans who have invested in them.

    In the Men’s Mistral, in today’s first race, Israel’s Friedman and France’s Bontemps finished second and third respectively behind the ‘son of the wind’, as Nikos Kaklamanakis is being called, with China’s Zhou and (again) Bontemps finishing behind him in the second race.

    Results at: http://www.athens2004.com/files/testeventsailing/SAM74A1_%20SAM001100_C74A_7_0.pdf