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    Layday report from the Mistral Europeans
    Posted On:  12/05/2003 19:49:23

    Many thanks to Paco´s mother´s hospitality. Sailors enjoyed an amazing after hours pasta and wine extravaganza, italian style. We were treated at Paco WIRZ (ITA-1) palatial house. Just on time competitors celebrated Catalina WALTHER´s birthday (ARG-5). Afterwards the crowd changed location back to the Albaria Beach Bar for more drinks.

    Local DJ and Italian´s surf legend Riccardo GIORDANO (ITA-12) was on the set and made us dance to real Italian house music. Longing for more action surfers and friends moved on to the FIX Club at Mondello, Riccardo promptly threw some words to the bouncer and then escorted 20 +  people to the dance floor.

    Ten minutes later and in true australian form ( not speaking a word of Italian ) BELLY (ex AUS-64) also convinced the management that another 20 to 30 sailors be set free to the groovy sounds of the FIX night club.

    At noon the first sailors hit the beach which was packed due to the sensational weather, 28 degrees, sunny and I hate to tell u but nice north westerly breeze of about 15 knots.

    Around 1:00 PM coaches and sailors left the marinas to visit a giant hidden cave at Capo Gallo. In order to enter the cave you have to dive for a couple of meters through a small whole just beneath water level.

    Meanwhile back at the beach ex-Mistral surfers Amit INBAR (ISR-7) and Mike GEBHARDT (USA-45) were preparing kites as the breeze picked up and cranked with 16 – 18 knots just outside Mondello Bay.

    The kites were launched  from two separate Zodiac´s, one with the rider and the other the launcher about 20 metres apart. Entertaining the many the people on stationary yachts inside Mondello Bay. Amit, Gebi, Bruce KENDALL (ex NZL-101 and former Olympic medallist )and local Mario D´AMICO showed some amazing manouevers metres above the onlookers, flying high and  performing all sorts of skateboard/wakeboard style flips and moves.

    Towards the evening wind shifted north, onshore direction, and increased to 16 – 20 knots.

    The kite action then centred on  the shore front. The beach packed with bikini clad italiana chicas, and all the Mistral crew , directly in front Albaria´s chill area which had the complete beach cheering and clapping.


    This was a very cool day!


    So we are all back on the water tomorrow an hour earlier, at 10:00am see ya then -


    Mahalo Aline and Belly