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    Mistral Europeans - Day One
    Posted On:  12/05/2003 18:17:31

     Ciao da Mondello - on the first day of the European Championships 2 races completed by the women and one race each for both divisions of the men. The conditions were 8-12 knots with easterly wind and high humidity conditions.

    After a postponement onshore competitors were sent to the course area at 12:30 PM, the women racing on the yellow course just out of the Mondello Bay, men racing on the orange course inside the Mondello Bay.


    First start for the women was at 1:30 PM racing an double inner loop. Alessandra Sensini from Italy gained an early lead in the first upwind followed by Lei Shan Lee from Hongkong and Flavia Tartaglini being third at the top mark.

    Alessandra Sensini won convincingly followed by Honkong`s Lee, leaving the fleet well behind and proving their ability to perform well in the tricky conditions. Faustine Merret coming in third, next the surprise on the day Flavia Tartaglini.


    Meanwhile on the men´s course, the blue group started first at 1.40 PM going for a double outer loop, followed by the yellow group at 1.50 PM sailing the double inner loop.

    The men´s course had similar conditions to the women´s but towards last leg a dropping breeze and shifty north westerly wind made racing rather difficult.


    In the blue group Julien Bontemps from France won followed by British Dominic Tidey and Honkong´s Ho Chi Ho.

    The yellow group was won by Ukraine Maksim Oberemko, second Stephane Jaouen from France and third American Peter Wells, who moved up from forth place as Canadian Kevin Stittle was called OCS finishing third.


    Afterwards the wind died on the men´s course to under 5 knots which made racing impossible therefore they were sent onshore to wait for more wind to come whereas the women on the yellow course faced steady 8 knots breeze and started the second race.

    Coming in first Faustine Merret from France, second Germany´s Amelie Lux and third Yasuko Kosuge from Japan. Albaria´s Alessandra Sensini finished fourth.

    Both of the men fleets were send out to the yellow course after the finished of the women´s second race, as there was no wind on either of the courses,  in order to try to get a second result, but due to the lack of wind racing was cancelled at 5 PM.

    Tomorrow´s  racing is scheduled for 11:00 AM so stay tuned for more exciting tales from the 2003 European Championships at the beautiful Bay of Mondello.


    Ciao Aline