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    New version of Appendix B is almost ready
    Posted On:  07/01/2004 18:46:56

    The revised version of Appenidx B is very close to completion. It has been through more than 50 drafts to date! In attempting this mamoth task our aim has been and still is to ensure that the ISAF Racing Rules book contains a windsurfing appendix covering each discipline and format of windsurfing in a concise and clear fashion. This has involved merging the current FRRs with the existing RRS Appendix B whilst at the same time removing repetition and updating as necessary.  The finished result will look somewhat different to someone used to the FRRs however we have remained faithful to the windsurfing principles behind them.

    So what is the brief history of what has happened?  After a submission to the 2002 ISAF Conference suggesting that this work be undertaken, the classes were requested to come back with a detailed submission at the end of 2003 for ISAF approval. Work has therefore being going on for the whole of 2003 during which time much conusltation and discussion took place. This resulted in a second submission being approved in principle by the ISAF Council last November. However, further tidying up was required so a working party was set up by ISAF consisting of Pertti Lipas (FIN) an ISAF international Judge and Racing Rules Committee member of long standing, Kamen Filyov (BUL) also an IJ and RRS Committee member, Luc Rogiers (BEL), and IJ who is familiar to FW racers and Rory Ramsden, an IJ and class secretary to 5 ISAF windsurfing classes.

    So what are the main changes? In general terms, Appendix B has moved further towards the FRRs than vice versa. Here are some of the changes either in presentation or in content...
    a) All starting systems be they what the current Olympic class use, the one that is preferred by Formula, beach starting etc are all grouped together as different parts of RRS 26;
    b) Recalls for a slalom race has been added to RRS 29;
    c) The Rule permitting caddies in the waves has been inserted into RRS 41 (Outside help);
    d) The 360 degree penalty turn will now be universal in windsurfing (RRS 44.2);
    e) A racer will now be able to claim redress despite having no physical damage if another board failed to keep clear or the organiser's helicopter impeded you;
    f) A generic section on the rules applying to seeding and elimination series has been included;
    g) Specific rules governing wave perfomance, freestyle  and speed are included;
    h) Appendix A scoring now includes rules governing all aspects of scoring whether they be related to heats scored by judging, speed competition, or slalom racing;

    For the first time, the ISAF has now effectively sanctioned rules for the whole sport of windsurfing. These will come into force at the beginning of 2005 and will not be revised until the beginning of 2009. As soon as the final version is approved and signed off, we will post them on the web. We will then seek ISAF permission to print the Racing Rules of Sailing "windsurfing Edition" so that everyone can easily get hold of the rules that they are interested in and can prepare for 2005.