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    Vincenzo Pottino hands over the reins
    Posted On:  01/01/2006 14:53:33

    To the International Mistral Class Association and To the International Windsurfing Association

    Dear all,

    I knew I had a tough act to follow when I accepted the role of the President of the Mistral Class. Over the last six months I've put an enormous amount of effort into promoting the Class as "a very good racing One Design long-board with a very good organization". Unfortunately I've found that both relationships within ISAF and within the structure of the Class are very compromised.

    I went to Sopot first, then to Cadiz and then to Singapore to see if there was still any interest from competitors, coaches and the IWA willing to cooperate with the class in order to put into practice a new strategy. All of them however, were only interested in cancelling the class instead of, like within other classes, promoting it. Furthermore, when I was in Singapore at the ISAF meeting supporting the One Design as the board to use in the ISAF Youth again next year, there were, even there, people who didn't believe in the strategy of the class or the manufacturer. So, it looks like an era has come to an end and with it the long board concept in general.

    I am in any case always convinced that there is still much to be done and I will always be available to cooperate and work on this, but first many things have to be clarified especially in terms of relationships with IWA.

    While I was President of the Class I was also a member of the Council of the Italian Federation and I encountered many problems within the Council for this double position.

    I have always worked fairly and for the of the good of the sport but some people within the Federation would like to represent me as an unfair person and as a result of this conflicting position I cannot offer them my support any further.

    So at the last Council I received a very direct ultimatum: leave the class or stay within the Federation. From there I made the decision to resign from my position within the class and any other class associations.

    I was elected in Italy with many votes from many Clubs and out of respect for what they expect from me I can not disappoint them which is why in the two cases I must resign from the Class.

    I will however do the best I can from outside rather than from inside.

    I have already spoken with J.F. Reggio as Vice President and he will take the helm in the right way until the new President is re-elected (maybe again in Palermo for the next Europeans).

    I wish all the best in promoting our sport and our Class. I and my Club will always be in favour of promoting the Class.

    Many thanks and I looking forward to hearing from you in the future,

    Yours faithfully,

    Vincenzo Pottino