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    International Mistral Class Organization

    Mistral One Design Class   -   Mistral Junior One Design Class

    Annual General Meeting

    1st of August 2006 at 20h00 at Lega Navale Club, Marsala,Italia (Sicily)
    During the MOD Youth and MJOD 2006 World Championship.


    Committee Members:
    Peter Krimbacher  Vote
    Vincenzo Pottino Vote
    Jean-François Reggio Vote
    Paco Wirz Vote
    Qu Chung (Proxy) Vote
    Diederich Bakker (Proxy)  Vote

    National IMCO'S Representatives

    Piotr Hlavaty Poland Vote
    Vincenzo Baglione Italy Vote
    Paul Pouderoux France Vote
    Cheung Kwok Bun Ben Hong Kong Vote

    Ezio Ferin Standing IWA President Non Voting
    Ceri Williams Executive IWA General Secretary    Non Voting
    Marc Cardon IWA Director                              Non Voting

    Nayl Driss Tunisia Non Voting
    Mark Carney GBR  Non Voting

    According to the IMCO constitution the meeting was quorate with ten voting members present or 

    The Meeting was chaired by Jean-Francois Reggio (IMCO standing President).

    The Agenda had been published and necessary papers made available to participants.

    2) Previous MOD and MJOD AGM and SGM minutes have been published and J.F Reggio reported the main points:

    A)      New IMCO Constitution approved during the Special General Meeting held in May 2006 in Mondello.

    B)      J.F Reggio elected President for two years.

    C)      Diederich Bakker has indicated that due to his comitments with the RS:X training he will stand down from the committee as from the Classes AGM.

    D)      Other matters voted during the SGM:

    1)      Support to a new Prodigy Class agreed and to be approved by the IMCO Classes AGM

    2)      IMCO surplus funds to be dedicated to IMCO One Design Classes development including the Prodigy new class and managed exclusively by IMCO.

    3)      Investigate new competition formats and titles for World and Continental Championships.

    3) Chairmans Report - see above introduction; key issues were be discussed during this meeting.

    4) Financial Statements and Class activities for 2005 - commented by Ceri Williams (IWA).

    "Full details would be made available at the IWA AGM, however class Income and Expenditure (Jan-Dec 2005) was circulated to the meeting. MOD and MJOD activity marginally exceeded budget - with income and expenditure both up on budget, however Mistral classes remained a net contributor to IWA budget. 2005 remained a successful year for entries to World Championships, and consequently membership remained higher than expected."

    J.F Reggio pointed out that there was some enormous IWA funding differences between the various classes which perdurate since several years and suggested that IWA takes into consideration a basic Class Fee to be paid by each Class either small or big, Olympic or not.

    IMCO propose that any class should pay a minimum basic significant fee to meet IWA related class expenses and asked this request to be considered by IWA during their next AGM.

    - Current 2005 accounts are approved.

    5) The future of IMCO and One Design Racing

    a)     IMCO will continue to promote the "One Design" concept for all from leisure practice to high level       competition.

          Competition Formats: all participants agreed on the necessity to develop the already existing      competition formats including "Course Racing", "Long Distance", "Slalom", "Raid" depending on sites and organisation structures.

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    b) Classes Continental and World venues and Titles:

    i)  Venues: It has been considered that IMCO should organize its own Circuit/Championships and will endeavour to gather all classes (MOD, MJOD, Prodigy) together.

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    ii)   Titles:

    M.O.D:  in replacement of the existing M.O.D ISAF titles the following proposals were approved:


    New: as from 1st January 2007

    Mistral Continental/World Champion Men

    Mistral Continental/World Champion Heavy Men

    Mistral Continental/World Champion Women

    Mistral Continental/World Champion Light Men

    Mistral Youth Continental/World  Men

    Mistral Continental/World Champion Women

    Mistral Youth Continental/World Women

    Mistral Continental/World Champion Masters

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    Continental and World ISAF Titles will exclusively be based on "Course Racing"  but an IMCO classes overall circuit "Cup" will be studied.

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    MJOD: No Change

    Mistral Continental/World Under 17 Champion Boy
    Mistral Continental/World Under 17 Champion Girl
    Mistral Continental/World Under 15 Champion Boy
    Mistral Continental/World Under 15 Champion Girl

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    c) PRODIGY Class

    - The proposal for an ISAF Recognized Prodigy Class has been approved during the May 2006 SGM subject to the agreement of the MOD and MJOD A.G.M.

    - Class rules have been published and should be agreed upon.


    - Class Rules are existing and are meeting ISAF requirements.

    - ISAF application Fee for class recognition of Sterling Pounds 500,00 may be paid on the IMCO reserve funds

    - Manufacturers statistics are  now available and we have "Boards and More" support. More than 2000 boards have now been sold.

    - Prodigy is well developed in the US and now being developed in Europe.

    Based on the "One Designed"” Concept, this is a development possibility in favour of sailors from 7 to over 77 and a training program may be built to prepare youth competitors to the Olympic discipline at an affordable cost to all concerned.

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    It is further agreed that Ceri Williams will send an application to ISAF within few days.

    Support from as many possible ISAF MNA's will be requested by mail.

    New formats/Titles will be circularised and applicable to all IMCO Classes.

    IMCO and Boards & More will further investigate possible cooperation with the MISTRAL village established structures to receive Training Camps and/or events.

    d)  IMCO Surplus reserve Funds.

    Funds have been moved to a secure and accessible account and is at the disposal of IMCO.

    Amount is of  £16851.22 less minor expenses amounts to be paid.

    During the SGM it was decided t

    Exclusively make use of said funds in favour of IMCO classes promotion and that funds should be transfered to a separate account under control of the standing IMCO president and one committee member joint approval; and that this decision should be ratified by the 2006 A.G.M .

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

     It was further agreed that part of the funds may be used for the promotion of the next Mistral Classes joint Championship.

    e) IMCO membership status of IWA.

    This very important question is a recurrent subject brought up by some National IMCO's stating that since we are not Olympic anymore we do not receive a good support from IWA in terms of promotion of the class or on a financial basis.

    J.F Reggio proposed that National IMCO'S and Committee members be consulted and a final decision be given before the 1st of December 2006.

    Votes: 10 Yes (unanimous)

    6) Approval of MPOD Class Rules - see above (5.c)

    7) Election to Committee.

    Nat Siddall From the "US Windsurfing" applied to join the committee. His request was made to IWA and IMCO in May before the SGM.

    Nat is well aware of Prodigy development and his advices will be valuable.

    Votes 10 Yes (unanimous).

    Welcome to Nat.

    The meeting was closed at 22.00