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    Don't bogart that joint, my friend!
    Posted On:  03/10/2003 10:02:01

    Cannabinoids (e.g. hashish and marijuana) are to become prohibited. In previous years, (2003 inclusive), Cannabinoids have not been proscribed by ISAF, and have only been banned for the Olympic Regatta.

    Following the release of the World Anti-Doping Code - 2004 Prohibited List of Substances and Methods, due to become effective from January 1st 2004, we must announce that there is to be a significant change from the current list regarding the status of Cannabinoids in the sport of sailing.

    This position has been reviewed annually, and up till now, been left up to the rules of each Member National Authority (MNA), to determine whether tests should be conducted, mainly dependant on whether cannabinoids are banned by their civil authority.

    The addition of Cannabinoids to the Prohibited List has been on the initiative of several organisations, (the IOC, ASOIF and some countries, including the USA and France).

    All sailors MUST be aware that this substance will now be tested for and that they also may face the possibility of being tested un-announced.

    Cannabinoids are however, classed as a "specified substance", which means that it is considered to be less likely to be successfully abused as a doping agent. This means that where an Athlete can establish that the use of such a "specified substance" was not intended to enhance sport performance, the period of ineligibility (or sanctioning) will be reduced to the following:

    First Violation: At a minimum, a warning and reprimand and no period of ineligibility from future events, and at a maximum, one (1) year's ineligibility.

    Second Violation: Two (2) years' ineligibility

    Third Violation: Lifetime ineligibility.

    -- From the International Sailing Federation, http://sailing.org/

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