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International Mistral Class Organisation
an ISAF "International" windsurfing class & founder member of the Att köpa viagra receptfritt symtomen kommer i 36-årsåldern med dålig matsmältning och nedsatt produktion. INTERNATIONAL WINDSURFING ASSOCIATION

Minutes of the 2005 Annual General Meeting

held in Mondello, Sicily on Tuesday, May 17th @ 1830hrs





Vincenzo Baglione



J. Francois Reggio



Pawel  Kowalski



Simeonides  Costas



Yair Suari



Paolo Ghione



Rene Appel



Nayl Driss



Ilker Bayindir



Diederik Bakker


3  proxy

Diederik Bakker


1  proxy

Diederik Bakker


2  proxy

Diederik Bakker

Committee Member


Nikos Kaklamanakis



Vinci Pottino

Committee Member


Vinci  Pottino

B&M Representative

1 proxy

Vinci Pottino


1  proxy

Vinci Pottino


1  proxy

Vinci Pottino


1  proxy

Vinci Pottino


1 proxy

1. Validation of delegates in the room

1.1  The delegates present in the room were identified and the number of proxy votes held were announced. The meeting was advised of the quorum requirements of the constitution and agreed unanimously that a quorum was present and that the meeting could proceed accordingly.

1.2  As a current vice chairman, Vincenzo Pottino was asked to chair the meeting.

 2. Minutes of the last AGM

2.1  The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

 3. Reports by

3.1 The Chairman

Vinci made a report on behalf of the past chairman Greg Johns. Due to the number of One Designs in the world and the sophistication of the class structure around the world, the class is in a strong position to provide MNAs everywhere the opportunity to develop windsurfing in their countries. The board is the current ISAF Youth Worlds equipment and should remain so for at least one more year.

The class should ask MNAs to make submissions to the ISAF November Conference supporting the MOD as the 2006 ISAF Youth equipment.

It is very important for the class to establish a good working relationship with the manufacturer. In particular, B&M must advise the class of their ability to supply spare parts (cassette box, mast track) for the old version of the MOD. The class must find a solution to the patchy availability of these items.

For the future and because nations consider the new RS-X as elite equipment only, many are considering the introduction of a less expensive hybrid package to use for general competition nationally. It may be possible to seek ISAF approval for a new One Design class based on the Prodigy. The reason why this board is so successful in the USA is because the B&M distributor provided charter equipment to many regattas around the country as well as service personnel.

We must persuade B&M to do the same at major international regattas and work out a joint communication's strategy to approach MNAs

3.2 Continental Delegates;

ASIA - Rene Appel

At a recent meeting at the IMCO/FW Continental Championship in Japan, the Asian delegates agreed that they would continue to work with the MOD for a number of years. There are several reasons for this. The first being that they cannot afford to transfer all their programmes onto new equipment in the short term; the Hong Kong Open and the 2006 Asian Games includes the MOD.

The meeting also expressed their concern over the qualification system for the 2008 Olympic Regatta as they feel this prejudices their chances of having athletes at the Games. Cascais will  be a windy venue compared to China 2008. 


There was no South American Championship in 2005 although MOD competitors continue to compete at a national and regional level.

EUROPE - Diederik Bakker

The 2005 ISAF Youth Worlds will include the MOD. This is the reason that the average age of the fleet competing at this world championship has fallen dramatically. There continue to be MOD fleets at the major Olympic class regattas like SOF, Spa and Kiel. The Youth Worlds will be held in Sopot, Poland in August.

As to the future, the number of competitors racing the MOD depends on whether the ISAF selects the MOD for use at the 2006 ISAF Youth Worlds. Many nations are waiting to see what develops. Many individuals are saving up to buy the new RS-X. France is considering the possibility of introducing a one design hybrid for national championships for everyone over the age of 14.

3.3 The IWA Representative - Diederik Bakker

The IWA continues to support the activities of the ISAF windsurfing classes. It is an administration center only. The classes continue to manage their own affairs and continue to make all of their own decisions within the framework of the revenue they receive.

One major project that the classes undertook recently was the complete revision on RRS Appendix B to include all disciplines and formats of the sport. This was approved by ISAF last November. Subsequent to this, ISAF also gave approval for a dedicated windsurfing edition of the racing rules to be published. This is posted on the ISAF website and is being printed & distributed by the IWA with ISAF approval.

Rory confirmed that he has been made redundant by the IWA due to the loss of Olympic class revenue. He also stated that he has resigned all of his posts as executive secretary.  

3.4 Finances

The revenue that IMCO earns internationally is collected on their behalf by the IWA and included in the IWA accounts. These are published on the IWA website. IMCO is holding £16, 625.99 on deposit and £283.00 on current account. The IMCO constitution states that this money must be used for the promotion and development of One Design racing. It is therefore up to the new committee to work out a strategy to achieve this.

4. Future Strategy & Plan

4.1 IMCO will continue to organise world and continental championships as it has always done with the following changes. When there is a World Championship in Europe there will be no stand alone European Championship. When the Worlds are outside Europe, the class will organise a European Championship. The Youth division will be included in all championships and the class will invite the MJOD to join them at these championships to ensure that the maximum number of MOD racers gather to enjoy themselves.

4.2 The input of B&M is vital especially in view of their support for the class by providing spare parts. The new committee should therefore have a meeting in Austria as soon as possible. A joint statement should then be made so that all MNAs are aware of the situation and can make plans accordingly.

5. Election

5.1 Vincenzo Pottino (ITA), Jean Francois Reggio (FRA), Qu Chun (CHN) and Diederik Bakker (NED) were all elected unanimously to sit on the IMCO Executive Committee.

5.2 Vincenzo Pottino (ITA) was unanimously elected as chairman

5.3 Jean Francois Reggio (FRA) was unanimously elected as vice chairman

5.4 The new committee is temporarily without a B&M representative. Ivor Hopkins has resigned as he is no longer contracted by B&M.

5.5 The constitution requires 5 members to sit on the executive. When B&M nominates someone, the new committee will be constituted in line with requirements.

5.6 It was agreed that the new committee would also stand for election to the MJOD committee at their AGM. The combined committee will thus be in line with other classes like Hobie and Laser.

6. Any Other Business                                             

6.1 Website

Whilst it was generally acknowledged that the websites could probably be improved and updated, it was agreed that this was a project for the new committee.

6.2 New Class Secretary

There was general discussion about the job of class secretary. RR explained that, in his opinion, the class should have a new class secretary as soon as possible to ensure continuity. The new committee should make a decision on this ASAP.

6.3 Chief Measurer

The position of class chief measurer was discussed. It was agreed that a new chief measurer should be appointed. Nayl Driss (TUN) was proposed and was unanimously elected.

6.4 Relations with ISAF

There was some discussion about the IWA's and IMCO's relations with ISAF and how best to ensure that these are as happy as possible. The possibility exists for the new IMCO committee to co-opt someone such as Aaron Botzer to handle this important role and at the same time guide the proposed new class secretary to a new and successful ISAF relationship.

6.5 Life Member

To general acclaim, Vinci Pottino made RR a life member of the IMCO class.


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We also have discussed abt including Aaron Botzer in the Class Committee (still we have to agree) to be in charge of the relations Class/ISAF.