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International Mistral Class Organisation
an ISAF "International" windsurfing class & founder member of the Att köpa viagra receptfritt symtomen kommer i 36-årsåldern med dålig matsmältning och nedsatt produktion. INTERNATIONAL WINDSURFING ASSOCIATION

The minutes of the Annual General meeting held in Varkiza, Greece on the evenings of  23/08/01 and 24/08/01

Thursday 23.08.01         (2100hrs>2400hrs)         - Local Primary School
Friday 24.08.01              (2100hrs>2335hrs)         -Esplanade Café

Present: (Votes held in Brackets)

Lisa Neuburger



Cowen Chiu 



(Part 1only – proxy passed to Rene Appel)

Ronnie Meyer



Diederik Bakker



Peter Krimbacher



Mike Gebhardt



Jacco Koops



(was absent from 22.15 for 45 mins on the 23rd

Brendan Foster



Vladimir Plavsic



Pawel Kowalski



Hernan Vila





 (Proxy vote for BRA in second part)

Ricardo Santos



(Part 1 only)

Bernard Beudou



(Part 1 only)

Qu Chun



Ivor Hopkins



Pattana Boonsawadi



Takis Nikiforides



(part 1 only)

Paco Manchon



Barry Edgington



Tatsuro Maeji



Jose Antonio Gouveia



Observer:  Aaron Botzer ISAF

Chair:  Rory Ramsden

Minutes taken by Ivor Hopkins


 a.      Receive and approve minutes of the AGM 2000 in Mar del Plata (see 2001Yearbook)

·         Proposed GER Seconded CAN – unanimous vote in favour

 b.      Report from retiring President of IMCO International (Thomas Foyen) and the IMCO Continental representatives on the Executive Committee

i.  Thomas Foyen (Retiring President)

·         Thanks to the current Executive for their work and thanks to the soon to be elected new members for putting themselves forward;

·         Thanks to Rory for his sterling work to date;

·         Congratulations to all medal winners in Sydney;

·         Thanks to the delegates for helping get the OD re-elected for 2004 – special thanks to Bruce Kendall.

·         Highlight:  Junior Class established.

·         IWA crucial – each class master of its own destiny (see 2001Yearbook)

 ii. South America, Hernan Vila

·         Carlos Espinola (ARG) silver medal was very good for South America;

·         3 training camps had been run in this year;

·         Problems with build quality and with the supply from the North American Mistral importer:  impossible to develop the class, especially the Youths, without equipment

·         FW growing fast 150 sailors competing – last South Americans had 20 One Designs in comparison.

iii. Asia, - Cowen Chu

·         Asian Circuit thriving for 2001 – July China Open; IMCO Asia Champs & Asian Champs, Pusan Sept,  Oct HK Open, Nov Siam Cup (tbc), Dec Singapore Open.

·         AYF Windsurfing Committee have selected the IMCO Junior Class as a basis for development in Asia.

 iv. Europe, Bernard Beudou

·         Many apologies for the problems at the 2001 Mistral Europeans:  prior organisational meetings suggested that this championship would run more smoothly – the prize giving   ceremony, as an example, was a disaster.

·         Open for the Youths – not many countries present for the Juniors (France and Spain were very active)  Specific races next year on the OD with 6.6m2

 v. Acting Treasurer, Ivor Hopkins

·         Quoted paragraph from the yearly accounts letter from Martin Aldridge, Princecroft Redman (Class accountants) dated 05.04.01:

 “As far as the accounts themselves are concerned, not unexpectedly they do show a loss of £12,788 compared to a profit of £24,065 last year.  The main reason why the loss has occurred in the year is because turnover has decreased by £15,834, race expenses increased by £7,244 and bad debts of £3,902.  The bad debt relates to amounts owed to IMCO by IBSA, which I discussed with Rory who was of the opinion that the amounts owed would not be paid.  Finally, office costs increased by £11,564 although on further investigations, £10,750 related to monies paid by IMCO to Cliff Webb for filming and production which should have been paid by event (sic) organisers in Egypt.”

 Breakdown of Race Expenses       (Requested by Diederich Bakker)

Entry fees paid to LOAs

 £  6,130.75

Fees for coach boat charter

 £  1,912.84

Jury & RC Expenses

 £  3,146.52

Flags & Measurement Equipment

 £     391.20

Expenses for "Zurich Summit"

 £     832.37

North Sports (France)  credit

(£ 1,733.55)



·         Breakdown of Revenue. (Requested by Hernan Vila)

Membership fees

£ 10,019.66

Event Revenue

£ 32,660.16

Mistral funding

£ 11,488.98

Sale of Merchandise

£     195.55

Other Income

£  1,791.52

Other income - bank Interest

£    (191.52)


£ 55,964.35

 Vote to accept the accountants Princecroft Redman for the next set of accounts:  Proposed by:  USA Seconded by: Asia:  Unanimous vote in favour.


Introduction from RR that the proposed constitution is very similar: minor changes only. Reasons.

·         Junior OD has the same constitution as IMCO

·         Will allow any other windsurfing class to adopt the same constitution

·         Continental representatives will be elected by the national IMCOs in that continent

·         Management committees & association board to be established

That the new constitution be accepted in the form sent out prior to this meeting - (any changes suggested and discussed now have to be accepted by the 2002 AGM before being submitted to the ISAF for final approval)

Proposed by: GBR Seconded by: IH --                             Unanimous vote in favour

These are the new issues raised by the Coaches Forum 21.08.01.  They could not be added to the draft of the new constitution as they have not been circulated to all delegates in advance as the constitution requires but it was felt appropriate to discuss the points and minute them for inclusion at the next AGM:

a.       Name on top of constitution – should it be changed? Proposed by Hernan Vila (ARG) 

That IMCO has no objection to changing the name on top of the constitution

Proposed by: HKG Seconded by: GER – Majority votes in favour 1 abstention (IH)

b.      Can delegates vote by email/fax on particular points rather than meeting to approve proposals on key issues?   Is this constitutional ?

RR to contact ISAF Constitutional Committee Chair?

c.       Art. 7c Clarify constitution by inserting the word "individual" before the word "members" - Proposed by: HKG - Unanimous vote in favour

d.       Art. 12.1 Term for Committee members is to be 2 years not 4 years. (First term 1 year and then 2 year periods so 2 terms per quadrennial in line with the Olympics –

Proposed by: HKG Seconded by: USA -- Majority vote in favour 2 abstentions

That an elected member may serve no more than 4 terms in any one position - Proposed by: GER   Majority votes in favour 1 abstention

e.       That each class governed by the constitution shall have its own measurement committee: Proposed by: AUS  Seconded by: GER            Unanimous vote in favour

f.        That an "international" will have a greater number of votes in the Association Board than a "recognised" class: Proposed by: HKG. Seconded by: MEX

Majority vote in favour 3 abstentions

g.       Art 17.1 --Independent Accountant's Annual Report:

That the Independent Accountant's Annual Report shall contain the revenues and expenditures of each class covered by this Constitution. 

Proposed by: HKG Seconded by: ARG.  Unanimous vote in favour

h.       That the Association Board shall approve annual Revenue/expenditure budget. 

Proposed by:  HKG Seconded by: ARG               Unanimous vote in favour

i.         Art 13.1.2 -- That each committee should have a membership made up of 30% women if possible – a goal but not mandatory

 3.       ELECTION

Election of Committee now under the new Constitution

·         Paco Manchon has withdrawn his candidacy from the Chairmanship of the IMCO Committee

·         That Greg Johns (AUS) is proposed as the Chairman of the IMCO Committee and President of the Association under the new constitution.

Proposed by: AUT Seconded by: GBR 

·         That Paco Manchon shall remain on the slate to be elected to the IMCO Committee as an ordinary member  thus increasing the size of the committee by one.

·         Proposed by: Rory Ramsden Seconded by:  ARG                Unanimous vote in favour

·         The slate of candidates was then put forward for election.

Chairman of the IMCO Committee

& President of the Association

Greg Johns (AUS)

Vice Chairman of the

Bernard Beudou (FRA)

IMCO Committee

Qu Chun (CHN)

Members of the

Jorunn Horgen (NOR)

IMCO Committee

Laura Chambers (USA)

Bill Joselin (AUS)

Paco Manchon (ESP)

Hernan Vila (ARG)

 Proposed by:  MEX Seconded by: GER –                  Unanimous vote in favour

          That Bill Joselin (AUS) be appointed as the IMCO Class Chief Measurer:

Proposed by: MEX Seconded by: CAN                      Unanimous vote in favour


 a.      The IMCO Class Rules have been rewritten to follow the ISAF Standard Class Rules:

These are now being checked by Jan Dejmo (Vice Chairman of ISAF Measurement Committee) but have not been finished or circulated so the chairman proposed…

That on receipt of the new IMCO Class Rules from Jan Dejmo, they be put into their final form by Bill Joselin and a selected group of measurers and then circulated to National IMCOs and coaches for approval by fax/email vote. They will then be submitted to the 2002 ISAF Mid Year Meeting Proposed by: MEX  Seconded by: ISR             Unanimous vote in favour

b.      That there be a minimum interval of 4 weeks between Europeans and Worlds:

GER proposed that there be a minimum of 4 weeks between a continental and the World championship unless the continental as staged at the same venue as the Worlds: 

RR this is too long given the crowded events calendar

That there be a minimum 14 days between Continental and Worlds (last day of previous event to first day of next event) unless the Continental Championship is to be staged at the same venue as the worlds inn which case the gap shall be a minimum of 7 days.  (excluding the European Championships)Proposed by: HKG Seconded by GER

Aaron feels that this should be a guideline only and not a class rule 

Majority vote in favour 8 against; 2 abstentions

c.   Mistral has adopted the Gold Standard as a manufacturing quality control standard

POL comment that it will be perfect when Mistral delivers this Gold Standard!:  Discussion on a simplified measurement procedure proposed by GBR led to an extra discussion on measurement. Fear from the floor on serious tuning /tampering with the One Design equipment – need for intensive measurement spot checks to cut out craftsmanship skills /cheating.

·         Check templates for the foil sections of the centreboard and the fin

Education of Chief Measurers in Craftsmanship Skills – a list of areas - with guidelines - to be checked – 2 coaches to meet with IH to prepare the list

·         This lead to the following proposal

That at World & European Championships, there shall be a full 4 day 100 % Gold Standard measurement prior to the commencement of racing.

Proposed by: HKG Seconded by: USA                      Unanimous vote in favour

d. OD distribution report by Mistral Representative Ivor Hopkins

·         See copy of attached paper circulated at the meeting, which was approved in advance of the Worlds by the Mistral Brand and Sales Managers.

·         Commitment:  there should be absolutely no doubt in Boards & More GmbH’s commitment to IMCO and the Olympics.  IMCO sailors should ignore rumours and come to IH or the office for the facts.

·         Key areas for improvement: Quality (the recent OD 2004 build quality was in question but this was the first time the board had been built in Austria and in IH’s opinion the problems can be solved.); Distribution – a new system (See attachment) was being set up to ensure proper supply thru either national importers or thru MNAs where no importer was present.  North America and especially South America are critical areas with poor back up.

·         Comment from the delegates: there is a time limit – a last chance to resolve the problems and restore confidence.  There is no deliberate criticism of Boards & More or the Mistral Division but more frustration at not getting the back up the sailors need at this level.

·         Query from HKG: warranties when travelling internationally – how should this be done?  IH to check

·         Query from HKG on whether the One Design will be produced past 2004 – at Boards & More, Mistral Division, the feeling is that the board should be phased out after 2004.  However, the mould will not be destroyed so supply can be maintained if necessary. IH said that this does not at all suggest a lack of interest from Mistral in the Olympics but instead a desire for more up to date equipment.


 a.       "That if the Mistral European Youth championshipsare to be staged where flying and offshore travel is the main form of transport then the office should arrange subsidised air, accommodation and coach boat costs”

Proposed by: GER Seconded by: AUT           10 in favour, 2 against, 8 Abstentions

 b.       “That the Mistral Youth Championship be staged as a stand alone event at a different time to the Mistral European Championship only if the Mistral Youth World Championships will take place outside the European Summer Holidays”

Proposed by:  GER Seconded by:  ISR          16 in favour 0 against 8 Abstentions

 c.       “That the Mistral Prodigy One Design (formerly known as the Genesis) be adopted by IMCO as the equipment to be used by the Junior & Minim Divisions in the Mistral European Youth and World Youth Championships from 2002 onwards (Note:  the vote on this proposal is advisory only to the MJOD)”  Proposed by: GER Seconded by: AUT     

8 in favour 17 against – the proposal is not accepted.

 Would it be possible for Boards & More to arrange a container to Thailand for the Junior & Youth World Championships so that a semi official test event could be run 28.11 – 05.12.  IH to discuss with Mistral Brand Manager. Idea for the sailors to bring their chosen rigs?

·Query from ARG over the quality, price and distribution of the Prodigy:  IH commented that the quality is the high quality normally expected of Mistral boards; that the price is similar to the OD; and that the distribution would be effected as per the One Design ie thru importers and MNAs

·         It may be possible to establish a "Recognised Class by May next year if the established criteria are met.

·         How would future Junior equipment be chosen? It might be a good idea for the MJOD to set up a working party to look at future equipment


“That the administration of the day to day affairs of IMCO International should be in the hands of an Executive Office that may also administer the affairs of other windsurfing classes or organisations provided that..

a.       The IMCO Committee has confidence in the paid executives concerned;

b.       The Office has a credible business plan;

c.       The office activities are properly funded by revenue derived from class events, the industry, national class membership fees etc

a.d. That the individual classes concerned adopt the same ISAF approved constitution”

Add: “As a class in principle IMCO has the will to become part of an organisation encompassing all ISAF International / Recognised windsurfing classes and that we form a working party made up from two delegates to negotiate with the other classes”

Proposed by: CAN Seconded by:  GBR                           Majority in favour,  1 Abstention (IH

·         How is the office set up – depends on the business plan?

·         The above proposal does not relate to any organisation at present

·         Timescale for contact:  should be immediate and ongoing

·         There needs to be pro-action

“Proposal that Diederik Bakker & Jacco Koops be the representatives in these negotiations taking instruction from, and reporting back to, the IMCO Committee as soon as possible” 

Proposed by:  GBR Seconded by: CAN                           Majority in favour 1 Abstention (IH)

·         The reasons behind these negotiators was their neutrality in the politics of the classes, their location in Northern Europe and their experience.


·         2002 end November Thailand – test event this December 2001 (or 2002 November, China – a generous offer should the Thai championship not be possible)

·         2003 September, ISAF All Olympic Classes Worlds in Puerto Sherry, Cadiz, Spain

·         2004 Turkey Izmir (Alacate or Cesme still to be finalised) – before May 1st 2004

·         European Championship dates for information

·         2002 September - Europeans Austria, Neusiedlersee (Sept 10th > 21st)

·         2003 Euros Eilat (first refusal – dates to be arranged – Ronnie to come back to RR) Bids from Sicily, Holland, Poland and Turkey.

·         2004 Euros  after the Worlds in July (?) – venue from one of the four bids made for the 2003 Euros


·         ESP:  No Minim Divisions at Worlds? This is a decision for the MJOD Class

·         Working Party to look into future Olympic equipment – draft paper already produced by select coaches under Chairmanship of Vlad Plavsic.  This to be circulated by RR.

·         Clash with Aloha Worlds in Largs (IMCO informed only very recently of this) – RR to speak to Mundo Vela over flexibility: atmosphere of co-operation to be promoted.

·         Very many thanks to Stavros Vizakopoulos of Hurricane, the importer for Mistral in Greece not only for his support at two Worlds in little over a 12 month period but also for his continuing sterling support of the IMCO athletes in his country.  Top man!

·         Congratulations to Mr Qu for his re-election to IMCO and also for his country being chosen for the Olympic Games in 2008

Ivor Hopkins/25.08.01


23RD August at 18.00

The Report of the Manufacturer’s Representative

A. BOARDS & MORE GMBH: background

·         Brand Manager Christian Gold 100% behind IMCO

·         Marketing Manager Michi Multerer can’t wait to come to the next regatta

·         Sales Manager Dieter Fellhofer wants to bring “order into the chaos…”

·         Chief Operating Officer Josef Helmberger on the way to a serious turnaround – positive future.

  B.  BOARDS & MORE:  One Design 2004 production at the HQ in Molln

a.  The mould:

·         The same mould that has been used for all One Designs produced since ’88 is the one that is still being used for the production of the Mistral One Design 2004.

·         This mould was not, contrary to rumour, broken or worn out*.   However, it had needed modification because the production technique at the Boards & More GmbH factory in Molln is slightly different to the method previously used by Fritzmeier / Schuetz Werke**, and this added some extra delay.  The current manufacturing method has been used successfully for all F2 production boards since their inception.

·         A separate and new, extra mould had to be made to produce the outer ASA skin, as this is laid as a unit into the mould prior to heating and moulding, rather than being drawn into the mould (as in the double deep drawn process) from rolls of ASA.  This is one of the reasons the reasons why the fin box is covered with the ASA skin.

b.  Lay up / resin application:

·         Closed cell foam inserts are used alongside the mast-track and around the rear foot-strap mounts to give extra support in these heavily stressed areas

·         Foam inserts are also used inside the walls of the centreboard well that contact with the centreboard cassette

·         The resin is applied using a robot system that ensures proper application of the resin.  This means that the amount of resin used is carefully controlled in terms of location and quantity which reduces hot spots, variation in the centre of gravity and ensures that finished board weights are within Gold Standard Tolerances

c.  Other slight modifications:

·         The board number is stamped into the deck

·         The slot gasket is now screwed in place along its whole length allowing tuning by the sailor.  The profile is unchanged.

·         The rear foot-strap plugs, formerly a single four hole system, are now made up by two, two hole plugs.

·         In the graphics, the 2000 number has been replaced by 2004 but otherwise the boards are visually the same.

* In fact, the Production Manager Mr Artzt said that it is in his opinion the mould is good for at least another 20.000 One Designs!

** Which was “a double deep drawn process,” where the ASA skin was drawn into the top and bottom of the heated mould automatically before the wetted hull mummy was placed in the mould for heating and pressing.

C.  BOARDS & MORE:  One Design 2004 sales & distribution

·         If you want to buy a board or One Design equipment, then you must contact your national importer or your National Authority if there is either no national importer in your country or an importer who is not supporting the One Design e.g in Denmark

·         Please prepare your orders well in advance – last minute shipments are not going to happen in the future – but if your order is booked into the system then you naturally have priority.

·         Dieter Fellhofer the Sales Manager at Boards & More GmbH and Ivor Hopkins have prepared letters for every MNA to explain the system to them and these letters will go out as soon as Ivor is back from the Worlds in Greece.  With in-house production of the board and a bit of forward planning there is no reason why availability should be a recurring problem as it has been to date.

·         If you are having serious problems in obtaining equipment or have a problem with either your gear or MNA/importer then contact me, Ivor Hopkins*, the Manufacturer’s Representative to IMCO (my details are in the Yearbook!) and I shall put you in contact with the right person at Boards & More GmbH who can deal with your problem**

·         Please do not contact Rory Ramsden, the Executive Secretary, on sales issues as his role is to run the Class as directed and see that excellent regattas take place.  He only has 24 hours in the day and forwards such issues to me anyway!

·         Charter equipment:  with good availability this should be a story of the past so please do not assume that there will always be equipment available at major regattas.  This kind of support really is a hassle for both the Class and for the importer in the country of the championship.

*     Ivor Hopkins is a marketing consultant and partner in MHC International Ltd, a research and advisory consultancy in the field of corporate social responsibility (see www.mhcinternational.com).  He has contracted 25% of his time to Boards & More GmbH, Division Mistral, to work on IMCO.  Ivor returned to the UK from Germany in ‘98 and now lives on the South Coast, a 4 minute walk from the beach!

**    There are always lots of rumours flying around such as about the mould being broken etc, etc.  So, rather than listen to rumours, get yourself on the Red Hot News email list, look at the web site www.imco.org or call the office – this is the professional way and it helps you to focus on what you do best!


·         This new board has two sides: 

1.       an entry level all rounder that can be used in very light winds

2.       a board that can be upgraded with bigger CB and fin to a one design racer.

·         Boards & More GmbH is working with the Class to bring this new board onto the map and it may be that the Prodigy becomes the Class’ replacement for the OD 2004 which will be phased out after the Games in Athens.

·         Enjoy!



Mistral has written to each of its appointed distributors world-wide asking them whether they wish to be involved in supporting the One Design project for the next four years. The majority have confirmed that they will.

This means that Boards & More will use the m° distributors in the “YES”-countries as our sole partner in distribution, service and communication. Nobody else (i.e. no racer, no Sailing Federation or any other person) may contact the Sales Dept. or the Customer Service of B&M in Austria. All these people will work exclusively through their national m° distributor.

In the “No”-Countries Mistral will send a letter to the National Sailing Federation offering them the status of the official m°-OD Distribution partner on condition that they accept the standard Mistral forecast & order system and terms of business. This system will be presented to them together with the "offer" letter to avoid any misunderstanding from the very beginning.


In "Yes" countries, the m°-Distributors will handle the national IMCOs, racers and the national federation as their customers. This means that these customers have to accept the usual Order System which is…

The distributors have to give Mistral their orders for August > December before the end of July each year and their orders for January - June before the end of October each year. Based on this pre-order and forecast system, any distributor should be able to have a limited stock of spares available.

IMCO International will not get involved in equipment issues after this system has been officially put in place (after notification to the "Yes" Distributors and the MNAs in the "No" or other countries.) but will liase through the relevant National m° OD Distributor when necessary.

MNAs, National IMCOs, coaches & competitors will therefore have to advise their National m° OD Distributor either before the end of July each year of their equipment requirements for August > December or before the end of October for their equipment requirements for January - June.

This system will require you the coach/racer to take more responsibility for pre-planning your equipment requirements. However, as racers on the Olympic trail this should be easy to manage alongside your fitness, diet and other professional programmes.


IMCO will try and ensure that, at each major championship venue or close by, the National m° OD Distributor has provided a small "emergency" back-up stock of spare parts and anticipates that if you work the above system correctly the demand for charter equipment will diminish as will the demand for spare parts.

Charter equipment can only be provided with the agreement and support of the local championship National m° OD Distributor. He will make a commercial decision. IMCO will ask not be involved and thus be able to concentrate on its main task, which is providing well-managed regattas worldwide.