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    2003 ISAF Mid-Year Meetings
    Posted On:  27/05/2003 18:06:09

    a) The events committee asked the council to make sure that the proposed 2003 evaluation event scheduled for September is structured and reported as such. This will assist ISAF in making decisions regarding the events for the 2008 Olympic regatta. that the Spring 2004 event should be strructured and reported on before the 2004 ISAF Mid Year Meeting to assist in the decision process regarding the selection of equipment for the 2008 Olympic Regatta; and that the format selected for windsurfing complies with the wishes of the windsurfing industry i.e a multi manufacturer measurement class  NOT a One Design.
    b) The events committee considered the subject of the list of events for the 2008 Olympic Regatta and recommends that windsurfing men and windsurfing women be included in the appropriate submissions prepared by the chairman for consideration at the 2003 November Conference.
    c) Windsurfing boys and windsurfing girls have been included in a list of disciplines in the amended Regulation 17 ( ISAF Youth Worlds). For the time being the Mistral One Design is the preferred equipment for the ISAF Youth Worlds for the 2004 and 2005.
    There was an extensive discussion in Council. I have listed some comments that were made...
    a) This is the last chance for windsurfing to get itself together if it wants to remain an Olympic discipline;
    b) the indsutry and the classes must work more closely together;
    c) ISAF must give the sport freedom to develop a new format for the Olympics without imposing limitations... this could include marathon and/or slalom;
    d) ISAF must allow the industry to assist in developing this new format
    e) We must have as many brands involved as possible and thus introduce a measurement controlled class;
    f) Windsurfing is an essential Olympic discipline that cannot be lost;
    Not one member of the council or the Executive spoke for a One Design format. There seemed to be general support for the e-team to come up with a new formnat as long as it only inlcudes racing... judgemental formats are not acceptable.
    a)  there will be one evaluation event in 2003;
    b) a second in Torbole, Italy possibly from May 3rd > 8th 2004.
    c) The e-team now consists of the following people; Rich Jeffries (USA) (chair), Jorunn Horgun (NOR), Qu Chun (CHN), Nikos Kaklamanakis (GRE) + 2 from the Events committee to be nominated.
    d) The ISAF Liason is General Secretary, Arve Sundheim.
    e) The criteria will have to be re-written bearing in mind the input from Council and the industry
    a) OCS
    A presentation was made by a company that has come up with a device that can measure the position of a board relevant to the starting line to an accuracy of +/- 10cms. This weighs only a few grams with a battery and will be suitable for fixing to the bow of a board (for the first time) This device will give an instantaneous report to the race committee and the OCS boat/board. It can be linked to the internet to which it will send reports 10 times per second. It can be synched with live video footage. It reports, speed, distance sailed, etc... It costs Euro 650 per unit to buy or Euro 200 per unit to lease per annum for 5 years. The software is written. the shore station needs a mast which costs Euro 10,000 and has a range of 10kms.
    The McKinsey report presented to the March IWA Board Meeting was presented to the Council. It was unanimously accepted that the MNAs must start work to form task forces made up of all the stakeholders in sailing in each country with the aim of starting initiatives to develop the sport. I am in contact with the main promoters in the already established ISAF task force with a view to making the same presentation to the windsurfing manufacturing, holiday and teaching companies... possibly at the Salon Nautique in Paris in December.
    i) The ISAF decided that any board that complies with class rules can qualify a nation for the Olympic Games. The requirement for tuned ODs has been dropped.
    ii) ISAF will amend the MOD Class Rules and allow the part of the fin that fits inside the box to be sanded.
    iii) ISAF will review the rules regarding the 142 dimension and the shimming of the cb cassette box in the light of further data gathered at the 2003 pre-Olympic Regatta.
    iv) Cliff Norbury will be in Cadiz at the worlds and will take an active interest in the MOD inspection process.

    a) The 2008 Olympic Regatta will be held in August 2008.
    b) The Olympic classes contract was accepted
    c) The 2003 ISAF November Conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain.