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    ISAF Rankings updated today
    Posted On:  02/02/2004 17:59:09

    The first ISAF World Sailing Rankings - the Official ISAF Rankings for Olympic Classes is due to be released on Wednesday.

    Already two ISAF Grade 1 events have been completed this year and the results of these should have an interesting impact on ranking positions in the final build up to the Olympic Regatta. Will France maintain their position as the nation with the most sailors in the top three across all the Olympic classes? Who will be knocked off their perch? And who will climb up onto the top spot?

    To read the news first you can sign up to receive the ISAF World Sailing Rankings press releases direct to your inbox via ISAF Sailor. If you're not already registered go to http://www.sailing.org/isafsailor  and complete the straight forward registration process, then proceed to Email Services and sign up.

    The ISAF Rankings online application allows you to search for sailors by ranking, nationality, class, range of rankings. You can also view the events that constitute a sailor's rankings and his/her rankings career history/progression. Go to http://www.sailing.org/rankings , select an event and then click on the sailor's name for his/her career history and the sailor's points for the events that constitute his/her ranking.

    ISAF encourages the reproduction of the ISAF World Sailing Rankings - the Official Rankings for Olympic Classes with due credit to ISAF.

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