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    Application for Recognised status rejected by ISAF Council
    Posted On:  15/11/2006 09:41:40

    At the culmination of the week long ISAF Conference in Helsinki, the Council rejected the application from the Mistral Prodigy Class for Recognised status.

    Ceri Williams, Classes Representative on the ISAF Windsurfing Committee, filed this report on the meetings he attended during the week long conference. See also a summary of the daily reports published on the ISAF website

    Extracts from the Reports follow.

    The Windsurfing Committee did not approve the application as it did not meet the requirements of Regulation 26.2.1, which requires proof that the class is actively racing in at least 4 countries representing 1 continent, or 3 countries representing 2 continents, either "by confirmation from the requisite number of Member National Authorities (with letters of support) or a listing of registered board owners."

    The "letters of support" did not specifically confirm that 30 boards were actively racing in those countries.

    Similarly the Equipment Committee (the Reporting Committee on this issue to the Council) and the Council could not approve the application.

    IMCO Chairman, Jean Francois Reggio, although disappointed with the decision, confirmed his firm belief that the Prodigy Class had a lot to offer the sport and its development would not be ipaired by this rejection.