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    New Zealand Olympic Trials... Tom Ashley hangs in
    Posted On:  23/01/2004 17:26:15
    Racing resumed today, as scheduled, and with winds gusting well over the 15 knot limit the selectors have set for starting races, much of the day was spent monitoring the wind speed in an effort to get racing in all four classes underway. 
    After an initial postponement the men's Mistral and the 470-class were the first to be sent out to the course area as they had experienced the lightest conditions of the four classes to date. Racing got underway in a south to south-westerly breeze gusting from 12-16 knots.
    Tom ASHLEY had a successful day with a first and second in race seven and eight of the series, he now tops the leader board with a two point head start on James WELLS and a four point lead on Jon-Paul TOBIN. Ashley is now playing a tactical game, he can finish second behind Tobin in the three remaining races and still maintain his overall lead but he must continue to beat Wells, his closest rival. Ashley comments, "I was kind of following James around the course a bit and watching him a lot more than I was watching Jon-Paul so Jon-Paul got a bit of a jump on me in the second race but that's okay I still have a couple of points on him"