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    IMCO Worlds Race Day 2 - morning
    Posted On:  16/09/2003 10:38:17

    The conditions have abated since last night, and a slightly more user
    friendly set of conditions has appeared. Broken boards and ripped sails from
    the treacherous conditions yesterday were replaced or repaired, ready for
    the the new days racing. A steady 12 to 15 knots is forcast with sunny
    conditions as per normal. A view from the boat park sees people pulling out
    their equipment, placing it near the water. Others are lying on board bags
    stretching. Conversations of all sorts, ranging from team meetings,to idle
    chit chat, or just personal time mentally preparing for the day. Everybody
    is in their own special way ramping up for the days racing. Team groups,
    random groups of training partners or just freinds from all ends of the

    For more information please check www.cadizworlds2003.com