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Development Policy



  • In the 1996 Savannah Olympics, 67% of entries in the MOD men's fleet and 44% of entries in the women's fleet were from emerging nations; No other class has such a high percentage;

  • More than 30,000 Mistral One Designs have been built;

  • Second hand (used) equipment is very important to allow the sport to be accessible to the widest section of the population possible;

  • IMCO believes that the world of windsurfing needs a global One Design junior & youth development policy based on a "universal" board that is already well distributed worldwide.

  • ISAF granted "Recognised" status to the Mistral Junior One Design (MJOD) in November 2000

  • Junior racing is included in Mistral Continental Championships.


  • Junior (D) is a boy/girl who is less than 17 years old;

  • Minim ( E) is a boy/girl who is less than 15 years old;

  • Mini-Minim (F) is a boy/girl who is less that 13 years old and must have reached the age of 9;

- A competitor must have reached the minimum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st.

- A competitor must not be older than the maximum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st.


  • Junior - One OD 6.6 & one OD 5.9 sail on "Sting 30" 30% Carbon or Mistral OD 50% carbon 495 Masts;

  • Minim - One OD 6.6 & one OD 5.9 sail on "Sting 30" 30% Carbon or Mistral OD 50% carbon 495 Masts;

  • Mini-Minim - One OD 5.9 sail set on “Sting 30” 30% Carbon or Mistral OD 50% carbon 495 Mast; May use one other sail of less than 5 sq. metres set on any mast and boom;

Regional Racing

  • MJOD Class recommends that National IMCOs and Organisers should co-operate to form regional junior racing regattas so that neighbouring countries can act together to give their competitors the maximum opportunity to develop their skills and make friends;

  • Neighbouring National Regatta Organisers (LOAs) should co-operate together in agreeing a calendar of  regional junior events over several years.

  • An exchange system is proposed so that an LOA should offer visiting junior competitors free food and accommodation (possibly within the families of local junior competitors) as well as doing all they can to reducing travel costs to a minimum.

  • The next year an LOA whose own competitors had benefited from such hospitality previously should offer the same hospitality to visiting competitors. By mutual help in this way, junior competitors will gain international experience at minimal cost to all concerned as well as making new friends.

  • Training camps should be included in any pre-regatta schedule.

Equipment Bank

  • The MJOD will do all it can to develop a "bank" of used & restored Mistral OD boards & rigs that can be bought inexpensively and used to develop junior racing at minimal cost;

  • Some of these countries are crying out for good used windsurfing equipment with which to develop the sport;

  • Work to develop this idea is underway now. Individuals and others who can help are asked to contact IMCO International with their ideas and offers of equipment.

A.      Future Strategy for the MJOD World Championships

  • The MJOD & IMCO will encourage LOAs bidding to host a Junior/Youth World Championship, to provide free food, accommodation and transfers together with a global airline deal including a minimum of 30kgs of free excess baggage.

  • The MJOD & IMCO will ensure that entry fee for Juniors at the Worlds and Continentals will be kept to an absolute minimum.

IMCO 2001