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Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting
Reef Yucatan Hotel, Merida, Mexico
1830hrs - Thursday, December 4th 2003

1) Validation of delegates in the room & Election of the chairman
Delegates                                                                Observers
ESP    Paco Manchon          1                                  FRA   Yan Bouverne
HKG  Tak Sum Wong          1                                  GBR   Dave Thomson
ITA    Enzo Baglione           1                                  FRA   Nicolas Auriol
GRE   Takis Nikiforides      1   Chairman                ESP    Curro Manchon
AUT   Peter Krimbacher      2   IWA Rep                ITA    Valerio Linares
GER   Thomas Reulein        1                                  ITA     Paolo Ghione
POL   Roman Budzinski       1   
MEX  Pedro Silveira           1   
GBR  Ceri Williams            1   
2) Minutes of the last AGM
The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read and approved

3) Reports by
i) The Chairman
Charles Cali expressed his regrets through Rory Ramsden for not being able to be present in Mexico but asked that Rory express his pleasure that the class is apparently going from strength to strength. Evidence of this can be taken from the excellent racing that took place in Puck, Poland at the Europeans where more than 60 boys and 20 girls took part as well as from the 2003  Worlds where there are more than 50 boys and 10 girls taking part.
Charles’ thanks to Takis Nikiforides, one of the founding fathers of the class, were expressed with warmth. Takis organized the first MJOD Championship in Andros, Greece at short notice and set the standard that all other organizers now have to meet being free accommodation and transfers from the nearest major airport.

ii) The IWA Representative
Peter Krimbacher stated that the classes who use the IWA office and other support services continued to work ever more closely together and asked Rory to explain some of the work that the office is engaged in now.
All class websites except FW are now hosted on the same server allowing news items and other updates to be posted from anywhere in the world.
The longboard classes agreed a structure 18 months ago. Now IFCA and the IFWC have also agreed the short board structure. In future, IFCA will concentrate on Slalom and FreeWave leaving the IFWC to concentrate on course racing.  Now efforts  are being made to establish structured tours. FW have a Euro Cup Course Racing Tour already, a Grand Prix Tour will follow shortly including events in as many continents as possible. IFCA are almost ready to announce a European Freestyle Tour and are negotiating with a promoter to put in place a slalom Grand Prix Tour as well as a Slalom European Tour.
All class income goes into a single IWA current account. The classes are scheduled to break even for 2003.

iii) Finances
The MJOD is a small net contributor to the expenses of the IWA office.
4) New Class Rules for 2004
No submissions to amend the class rules were received. There was some discussion about restoring the minimum board weight difference between the IMCO and MJOD class rules. Class delegates were encouraged to consider such matters well in advance of annual meetings so that the necessary submissions could be made and circulated as required by the constitution.

A question was raised as to whether the Sting 460 mast would continue to be made. Rory agreed to come back with an answer.

The durability of batten #4 in the 6.6 sail was questioned. Rory agreed to contact Mistral to discuss the possibility of changing the specification of this batten to match the 7.4 #4 batten.

5) Election of Class Committee (2003 > 2005)
The following were elected to serve on the MJOD Executive Committee for the next two years.
Charles Cali          (FRA)        Chairman
Peter Krimbacher  (AUT)  IWA Representative
Paco Wirz              (ITA) 
Sam Wong             (HKG) 
Lisa Neuberger      (USVI) 
There was some discussion as to whether an additional delegate could be elected. It was decided that this would be unconstitutional as the name had not been put forward and advised to all national associations in advance. No doubt the new committee will consider co-opting delegates to undertake specific tasks as required.

6) 2003 ISAF Windsurfing Evaluation Trials - Update
The first of two evaluation events took place last September after the Olympic Classes World Championship In Cadiz. A number of brands presented equipment as well as concepts for equipment and format. The purpose of this first evaluation was to make sure that the 2003 ISAF Conference could select “windsurfing Men” and “Windsurfing Women” as two events for the 2008 Olympic Regatta in China. From this point of view, it was a success because the council did vote almost unanimously to selected these two events.
The second evaluation will take place in Torbole, Lake Garda, Italy at the beginning of May 2004. Equipment put forward by the industry will be trialed and recommendations will be made in time for the  ISAF Mid Year Meeting in June to consider. The Council will make a final decision in November 2004 as usual.

7) Championship Sites
a) 2004 World Championship, Nessebar, Bulgaria – July 31st > August 8th 
The Pre-NoR for this event is already published

b) 2005 – To request bids from venues outside Europe
No further contact has been received from the Space Coast so it was decided that the office should seek out further bids. Cozumel expressed an interest in hosting the event in 2007.

c) 2006 - To request bids from venues in Europe
The office has received an enquiry from a site in Europe. This will be fully investigated and a report prepared in the first six months of 2004.

d) 2007 – HKG expressed an interest in organizing the 2007 Worlds.

It was agreed that the Youth & Junior Europeans would take place in Sopot, Poland at the same time as the IMCO Europeans. Delegates did not expect to send large teams but it was decided that there would be sufficient demand to make the event worthwhile.

9) Any Other Business
Heart Rate Monitors – It was agreed that these should be specifically permitted

National Associations; Class Website; IWA Yearbook; ISAF