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Mistral Junior One-Design Class

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held on Wednesday, 10th August 2005 at 8.15 pm

at the SKZ (host club) Sopot, Poland.

This meeting followed the IWA AGM

1. Registration of voting delegates

There were approximately 40 people present at the meeting including the following voting delegates:


Oleg Parsadanou


Cheung Kwok Bun, Ben


Vincenzo Baglione


John Ellis


Nicolas Auriol


Jan Bouverne


Michal Hein


Peter Krimbacher

Committee member, IWA rep


Paco Wirz

Committee member


Tak Sum Wong

Committee member

Proxy Vote to Peter Krimbacher

The meeting was chaired by Peter Krimbacher.

2. Minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 6 August 2004 in Bulgaria had been published on the MJOD website and circulated to National Associations.  No comments arising.

3. Financial Report

This report had been given as part of the IWA AGM and MJOD delegates had received and accepted the detailed statement. There were no comments.

4.  Report from Boards and More

The Chairman welcomed Marcus Steininger, the new manager of  Boards and More, distributor of Mistral, who was invited to comment on the new strategy and prove that Mistral is still very much alive.

Marcus Steininger had recently met with Vincenzo Pottino, Chairman of MOD.  He said that everything had changed after the Olympic choice for 2008 and bad rumours had circulated when production went from Austria to Cobra.  This had been an economic decision but it took some months to achieve quality standards and delivery dates had been late.  However, the new board now met Class measurement rules and China had receive the first 90 boards in July, also Japan.  B&M would continue to make equipment available, both new boards and spare parts for old boards.  Distributors were perhaps to blame for not stocking sufficient spare parts and B&M were looking for solutions to make delivery to competitors faster. 

"B&M believe in the future of one design and will continue as long as supported by the Class."

Faced with the bankruptcy of their old supplier of dagger board cases and mast tracks, B&M had been unable to obtain the moulds but now the old company had been taken over supplies should be okay.  It would not have been affordable for B&M to make new moulds for these two parts, the only items missing from the B&M current supply list.  Competitors desperate for these and unable to obtain through their dealer, should apply to the Mistral One Design Class as it was possible to retrieve a limited number from unsold boards.  It was noted that spare parts supplied to Athens had not been returned to the company, which contributed to the scarcity.

Both the old and new boards were accepted under Mistral Class Rules, having the same daggerboard, measurement, weight and shape but parts were not interchangeable.  A new board was currently on its way to Sopot.

5. The future of the Class.

a) To discuss and vote on a proposal from MOD Class seconded by France:

The fact that MOD and MJOD should remain separate classes as long as possible under the same IMCO Int constitution was approved. (at MOD AGM). Reason was to keep full possibilities in regards to Continental and World Championships for both International classes Olympic or not.

Secure in the knowledge that Boards & More was fully behind the Class, and the belief that the current structure worked well, the above proposal was approved by the meeting, all in favour, no objections, no abstentions.

6. Election of Committee

There had been no election in 2004, therefore all the committee stood down for election this year.

a) To vote on a proposal from MOD Class seconded by France:

During the MOD AGM in Mondello it has been voted that it should be proposed to the MJOD AGM that MOD Class committee would also act for the MJOD class. Reason was to keep a continuity for this practice and have the best possible co-ordination.

The above proposal was approved by the meeting, all in favour, no objections, no abstentions.

b) To vote on a proposal from GBR:

That Peter Krimbacher be re elected to the committee (and therefore also elected to MOD Committee) and remain as Class representative to the International Windsurfing Assocation

The above proposal was approved by the meeting, all in favour, no objections, no abstentions.  It was noted that the MJOD/MOD Committee would be responsible for appointing/confirming the Class representative to the IWA.

It was further agreed that Paco Wirz be co-opted to the Committee.

The Committee therefore would be as follows:

Vincenzo Pottino
Jean Francois Reggio

Qu Chun

Diederik Bakker
Marcus Steininger
Paco Wirz
Peter Krimbacher

It was noted that the actual MOD Committee would be responsible for co-opting the 2 members (Paco Wirz and Peter Krimbacher) as proposed by the AGM of the MJOD.

6. Future Championship venues - 2006 and beyond

An application had been received for a Mistral Worlds in China in October 2006.  The meeting discussed the options of a Worlds for Seniors, Youths and Masters (7.4 sails, one course) and a separate Juniors/Minims, or a complete Mistral championships, all fleets together.  Also discussed was the distribution of titles.  There was a strong feeling towards keeping youths and juniors together in a Sopot type event which was better for coaches logistically and financially, and should be within school holidays as far as possible.  Youths would be able to enter the "senior" event as well as the Youth/Junior Worlds.

There was concern that RS:X would divert National funding meaning NA's would have difficulty funding Mistral teams, in case that Mistral would not be included in the ISAF Youth Worlds 2006. Vincenzo Pottino informed AGM that he had already sent application to ISAF for that. Aaron Botzer urged the support of National Authorities in submissions to ISAF to include the Mistral board, and also asked for the support of Boards and More in confirming to ISAF their ability to supply Mistral boards for this event.  ISAF had already signed a contract with Neil Pryde for supply of the RS:X.  The first RS:X event would be held in September, but no date had been confirmed for the RS:X Worlds, potentially late 2006.  Aaron Botzer said that the Mistral Classes were stronger than many other international classes, that the RS:X would only take the elite; the Classes should not see this as a threat but concentrate on the many thousands of Mistral competitors who had no interest in RS:X.

The meeting agreed that to choose China in 2006 would be an expensive and therefore risky choice.  It was suggested that support be offered to China to hold an Asian Championships, open to competitors worldwide. 

The final agreement of the meeting was to recommend an all fleets Mistral Championships in Italy in August 2006 for consideration by the MOD/MJOD Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.25 pm