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An “International” ISAF Class


Mistral Junior One Design Class

Directors: Ivor Hopkins & Bill Mason (Treasurer)

IMCO International Limited, Company No: 2965563 (England & Wales)

Registered Office: 4 Park Place, North Road, Poole, Dorset, BH14 0LY


Minutes of the 2002 Mistral Junior One Design Class Annual Council Meeting held at the Yacht Club Hotel, Puerto Sherry, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain on Tuesday July 9th at 1830hrs.





# of Votes



# of Votes

Constantino Saragoza



Ronnie Meir




Peter Krimbacher



Yair Suari




Raul Pasqualin



Paolo Ghione




Francisco Javier Romero



Gintautas Bernotas




Olivier Le Gouic



Pedro Pablo Silveira




Paul Leone



Raul de Lille




David Thomson







Gabriele Schlotmann



Roman Budsinski




Ernst Schliemann



Rusty Buchanan




Wong Tak Sum



Frank C Bergau





1. Election of Chairman of the Meeting & identification of voting delegates

·  The number of national classes “in good standing” with representatives in the room was identified and the number of voting delegates agreed.

·  There being 3 MJOD Committee members present, a “Quorum” was present according to the constitution and the meeting was declared valid.

·  Tak Sum Wong (HKG) was elected as chairman of the meeting

Proposed GER Seconded BRA 11s votes in favour- accepted


2. Minutes of the 2001 Annual General Meeting & matters arising

·  There being no matters arising the minutes of the 2002 AGM were accepted as read.

Proposed GER Seconded NED 13 votes in favour


3. To receive the reports of the MJOD chairman, the IWA Representative and the Treasurer

a) Chairman’s Report (See Appendix 1 )

b) IWA Representative’s Report (See Appendix 2 )

c) Treasurer’s Report (See Appendix 3 )


4. 2003 MJOD Class Rules

The existing Class Rules have been re-formatted to match the ISAF Standard Class Rules format. This allows International Regatta Rules to be included so that common sailing instructions do not have to be repeated at each regatta in which the MJOD Class competes (see section H). Equipment Rules have not been changed but the following

points should be noted:


a) New Class Rule C.5 –Advertising

The class is currently defined as a Category A Class under ISAF Regulation 20. After some discussion, the following proposal was put forward:

That the MJOD Class change its designation from Category A to Category C (unrestricted)

Proposed ISR Seconded GER 12 votes in favour- accepted


b) New Class Rule C.6.2 – Hull Weight

The meeting was asked to note that the new minimum hull weight is proposed to be 15.50kgs (still 4.5Kgs approx lighter

than an Aloha). An increase of 0.50Kgs introduced to ensure that used equipment remains competitive for longer. After

some discussion the following proposal was put forward:

“That the minimum hull weight shall be 15.50Kgs”

Proposed BRA Seconded MEX 8 votes in favour and 3 abstentions- accepted


c) New Class Rule H.7 – Jockey Colours

In the light of the decision on Advertising above, the matter of Jockey Colours was raised for those competitors not carrying full Category C as defined by ISAF Regulation 20. There was some discussion lead by Jochum (NED) who expressed concern that the current IMCO Class Rule on Jockey Colours was not working properly. The following

proposal was put forward:

That a new class rule be inserted in the final draft of the 2003 MJOD Class Rules stating that Crews not carrying ISAF Category C advertising as specified in RRS Section ll, Appendix 1 shall carry Jockey Colours, being national flags, colours or emblems together with the competitor’s national ranking number, on their sails in an area of a minimum size 25cms X 50cms. Jockey Colours shall be carried immediately above the  competitor’s sail numbers as specified in Class Rule 9.2

Proposed AUT Seconded GBR 9 votes in favour and 3 abstentions- accepted


5. Future Development:

a) Regional Racing

The MJOD Committee have developed this policy on the development of regional racing. Whilst this is working in many regions of Europe and Asia, the committee encourages more national MJOD Class Associations to work together to develop such regional events in their area.

- MJOD Class recommends that National IMCOs and Organisers should co-operate to form regional junior racing regattas so that neighbouring countries can act together to give their competitors the maximum opportunity to develop their skills and make friends;

- Neighbouring National Regatta Organisers (LOAs) should co-operate together in agreeing a calendar of regional junior events over several years.

- An exchange system is proposed so that an LOA should offer visiting junior competitors free food and accommodation (possibly within the families of local junior competitors) as well as doing all they can to reducing travel costs to a minimum.

- The next year an LOA whose own competitors had benefited from such hospitality previously should offer the same hospitality to visiting competitors. By mutual help in this way, junior competitors will gain international experience at minimal cost to all concerned as well as making new friends.

- Training camps should be included in any pre-regatta schedule.


b) Equipment Bank

Whilst work has been done to set up a bank of u sed Mistral One Design boards to be made available to countries wishing to establish a junior windsurfing development initiative, there have been very few offers of equipment. Charly Schliemann (GER) can refurbish equipment in Roses, Spain. Those with used equipment that could be made available to others after some restoration are asked to contact the IMCO office on IMCO_International@compuserve.com There is certainly demand from the less well off nations.


c) Global Holiday Calendar

It would greatly help the scheduling of events if the office was aware of the major school holiday periods in each continent. National MJOD class associations are requested to contact IMCO_International@compuserve.com with details.


6. Amendments to the Constitution

1.06 insert new sentence at the end...

The classes governed by this constitution are members of the International Windsurfing Association (IWA)

Proposed AUT Seconded GER 11 votes in favour- accepted


b) 4.2 (annual membership subscriptions) insert the following phrase at the end… in close co-operation with the IWA.

Proposed GER Seconded HKG 11 votes in favour- accepted


c) Changes to the constitution proposed in the light of discussions at the 2001 IMCO AGM.

i. There was some discussion about the motion to change the name on top of the constitution. However, in the light of its membership of the IWA, it was felt necessary to maintain the class’s identity and therefore the following

changed motion was put forward.

That the MJOD class objects to any motion to change the name on top of its constitution

Proposed AUT Seconded GER 15 votes in favour- accepted


ii. Constitution clarifications discussed and agreed at the 2001 IMCO AGM now requiring approval from the 2002 MJOD AGM.

These were discussed and it was agreed that they should be taken “en bloc” as one item

- Art. 7c Clarify constitution by inserting the word "individual" before the word "members"

- Art. 12.1 Term for Committee members is to be 2 years not 4 years. (First term 1 year and then 2 year periods so 2 terms per quadrennial in line with the Olympics

- That an elected member may serve no more than 4 terms in any one position

- That each class governed by the constitution shall have its own measurement committee:

That an "international" will have a greater number of votes in the Association Board than a "recognised" class:

- Art 17.1 --Independent Accountant's Annual Report:

That the Independent Accountant's Annual Report shall contain the revenues and expenditures of each class covered by this Constitution.

-That the Association Board shall approve annual Revenue/expenditure budget.

- Art 13.1.2 -- That each committee should have a membership made up of 30% women if possible – a goal but not mandatory

Proposed GER Seconded AUT 13 votes in favour- accepted


7. 2003 Mistral Junior One Design World Championship

Pedro Pablo Silveira (MEX) presented the bid from Yucatan, Mexico to host the championship which includes 50# 4 bed rooms for competitors in a good quality hotel right on the beach. The bid is supported by the Governor of the Yucatan who has agreed to be responsible for logistical support on land; the Mexican sailing Federation who will be responsible for the technical execution of the championship on the water and a good media team. The one detail that has not been finally resolved is the cost of flights and the excess baggage deal from Sky Team (Aero Mexico, Delta, Air France and Korean Air). The following proposal was put forward:

“That the MJOD Class World Championship is awarded to the Yucatan, Mexico on condition that an acceptable flights/excess baggage deal is put in place”

Proposed GER Seconded BRA 14 votes in favour- accepted


Rusty Buchanan of the Space Coast, Florida formerly withdrew their bid for 2003 but re-affirmed that they stood ready to organise the 2005 version of the Youth & Junior Worlds. The following proposal was put forward:

“That the 2005 MJOD Class World Championship be awarded to the Space Coast, Florida, USA subject to an acceptable detailed bid being put forward at the 2004 championship”.

Proposed GER Seconded AUT 15 votes in favour- accepted


8. Any other business

a) White Paper – Route Map to the selection of the 2008 Olympic Equipment (See Appendix 4)

The history of the development of this document was explained as was the reason for its creation being that it is important that all classes in windsurfing work together with the industry and ISAF to identify and agree the criteria and the process by which the equipment is selected.

The importance of everybody working to lobby their own national authorities to ensure that windsurfing remains an Olympic discipline was emphasised. The sport may be evolving at this time so it was thought vital that communication between all parties remains at a high level to avoid misunderstandings.

The White Paper has been forwarded to Rich Jeffries, Vice Chairman of the Windsurfing Committee, who is preparing a report for discussion at the 2002 ISAF Conference.


b) Mistral Representatives Report (See Appendix 5)


c) International Status

The growth in the number of National MJOD Class Associations in two years and the recommendation made in the Chairman’s report that the class apply for international status to ISAF was discussed. The following proposal was put forward:

“That the MJOD Class applies to ISAF to become an approved “International” Class”

Proposed GER Seconded HKG 15 votes in favour- accepted

d) Future Junior Format

This was discussed and it was agreed that, in future, Junior Racing should follow the Olympic format as closely as possible. It was emphasised that this policy has already been adopted in Asia. It was suggested that co-operation between Boards & More and Bic Sports would benefit the whole sport and potentially offer greater returns to each

company than their current individual policies.


e) Small Spare Parts

It was agreed that Rory should carry a small stock of spare parts to regattas.


Appendix 1

Class Chairman’s Report

The Class has grown from 3 nations to more than 20 within two years. There are 16 nations from 4 continents taking part in this the 2nd World Championship. The class is therefore on a strong upward growth trend worldwide, which is very gratifying. The policy of providing free accommodation, an excess baggage allowance, transfers and food for

competitors is therefore paying off. It is regretted that MundoVela have not been able to provide the same level of support than in previous years but we will redouble our efforts to ensure that whoever is awarded the bid for next year will do so.


It is therefore my recommendation that the class apply for “International” status from ISAF this November so I suggest that we vote on this point when we reach “Any other business” on the agenda.


In the meantime, as far as future championships are concerned,

- the 2003 Worlds will be staged outside Europe;

- An “Open” European Youth & Junior Championship will take place in Puck, Poland from July 20th >26th;

- We have a firm bid from Bulgaria to stage the 2004 Worlds. This will be fully investigated so that a report can be made to the 2003 AGM;

- The unsuccessful bidder for the 2003 Worlds will be invited to hold his bid over for 2005

It is therefore clear that despite the fairly tough criteria defined by the class for a potential Youth & Junior World Championship Organiser, we are not currently experiencing problems in finding suitable venues.


It should be noted that the dates for this World (2002) Championships were changed from those planned in early August to early July so as to avoid a clash with the Aloha, Raceboard and FW Youth Worlds. This was necessary to demonstrate a spirit of co-operation between the classes involved in the IWA and has resulted in us having to set dates that were inconvenient to various national regatta/school schedules including France. Despite this, the numbers of competitors overall has increased as has the number of nations involved.


Appendix 2

IWA Representative’s Report

Activities since MJOD became a member of the IWA (January 2002)

In January 2002 an IWA-Executive-meeting was held at BOOT in Düsseldorf.

Representing their Classes/Associations on the IWA were:

Ceri Williams, (Aloha), Bruno de Wannemaeker (IFCA), Felipe Bellini (Raceboard), Marc Cardon (FW), Diederik Bakker (IMCO), Peter Krimbacher (MJOD), and Phil McGain (PWA).

The Windsurfing Industry was represented by Guy Chilvers (BIC Sport). Also in attendance were the Honorary Treasurer (and director) John Ellis and Steven Schrier (ex IFCA) and the then Honorary Secretary. This was to be Steven¹s last meeting and Ceri Williams was appointed the new Honorary Secretary for the IWA, in his place.

Bruno de Wannemaeker from IFCA was elected as President of the IWA for 2002.

The existing constitution of the IWA defines the directors as the nominated class-representatives who together with the IWA President constitute the IWA Executive Committee (ExCom).  This ExCom -meeting was held in an atmosphere of strong co-operation between member-classes with a view to work closely together for the benefit of the future of windsurfing.


Goals for the IWA are to represent and promote the sport of windsurfing through:

* Competition at National and International level;

* Help the ISAF to make decisions that will benefit the sport;

* Knowledge sharing with competitors, manufa cturers, press and media;

* Provide a central administration for the classes;

* Establish a corporate identity for Windsurfing World-wide;

* Co-ordination of International class events;

* Keeping an IWA diary of events;

* Establish a new website ( www.internationalwindsurfing.com) with updates/links on all windsurfing matters

* Promoting the activities of member classes and National member authorities (MNA's);

* Maintaining IWA database, class databases, membership logs and ranking lists;

* Representing the Member class interests to Associated bodies (including the ISAF).

An IWA Office has been based on Hayling Island in the UK, - Annie Smith has settled in as Administrative Officer. She can be contacted at:

IWA Mengham Cottage, Mengham Lane, Hayling Island, UK, PO11 9JX.

Tel/Fax + 44 23 9246 8831.

Mobile: +44 7860 142 704.

Email: iwaoffice@btopenworld.com or info@internationalwindsurfing.



The E/C sub committee are reviewing a raft of proposals --most of which have come  from a collaboration between Rory Ramsden and Ceri Williams --but which were further explored in detail at a sub committee meeting in Portugal.


All those proposals have been reworked and will be put forward by the executive committee as a group to the IWA-AGM.  These proposals include agreements for "tour" promoters as well as "championship" organisers.


INTERNATIONAL DIARY –Annie Smith achieved the near impossible in producing a unified calendar .

The NEW WEBSITE is active -through the efforts of Rory Ramsden and Annie Smith.

An IWA-YEARBOOK as common information about all member-classes was prepared mainly by Rory Ramsden.

The Executive is still in discussion appointing a MANAGER for the IWA.  There is the constitutional right to appoint a manager to take care of the management of IWA.

Rory Ramsden is appointed by IMCO, MJOD, PWA, and Aloha, but there are still voices against (IFCA, FW, Raceboardclass,  manufacturers).


A “Route Map” for a SELECTION 2008 of Olympic Windsurfing Equipment was prepared and sent for consideration to the ISAF windsurfing committee as a common draft proposal . This should be sent as a proposal to ISAF till July 31st.  This draft IWA "Proposal for 2008" has been sent as a circular to the trade with an invitation to comment.


A new CONSTITUTION for IWA is prepared on the base of the IMCO-constitution, mainly put together by Rory Ramsden and Ceri Williams. It is in a format that will be recognisable to IMCO/MJOD--it does in fact include ALL the relevant points in the existing Memorandum and Articles of Association of IWA as it exists at the moment , whilst at the same time does not conflict with the existing class constitutions.  It also addresses the concerns of members of the Board to previous incarnations of the document and does nothing to alter the "spirit" or essence of the original IWA constitution.  This proposal does define standard procedures and systems to allow all classes ,etc.,..to manage their affairs in a clear and business like way.  The document should be on the agenda for the IWA –AGM. There is an opportunity for the MJOD class to give its approval at the forthcoming AGM in July. Then the document would need to be submitted to the ISAF by the end of July to be on the agenda of the November-meeting.


There are still PROBLEMS to have an exact IWA-BUDGET, as the FW-class didn´t sent their budget till now. There are also still overdue monies, held by Peter England, which led the IWA to start LEGAL ACTIONS against Peter England.



Recommendation for the upcoming IWA-AGM at Largs 2002-08-03:

Every National MJOD-Class Association should take their possibility to vote, or, if not being there, should give their proxyvote to me, as I am taking part at the IWA-AGM at Largs 2002.

Peter Krimbacher (AUT)

MJOD – Representative /

Director of IWA


Appendix 3

Financial Report

The 2000 Junior Gold Cup staged in Andros, Greece before the class was “Recognised” BY ISAF; the 2001 Mistral Junior Worlds in Pattaya, Thailand and the 2002 Mistral Junior Worlds in Cadiz, Spain have not produced an income for the Class. Neither have they produced a loss.  This is intentional. The reason being that in making strong demands of championship organisers to provide accommodation, food, transfers and an excess baggage allowance for competitors, it would seem unreasonable for the class to then make money. Rather it is felt that the class should invest in the future of the sport of racing by keeping the entry fees as low as possible.


Any expenses incurred by the MJOD or its representatives are therefore being subsidised by IMCO International Ltd who also paid its IWA membership fee.

One set of accounts is prepared each year by IMCO International Ltd and the latest situation is published in the IWA Yearbook (IMCO Section) and on the IMCO website.


Appendix 4

White Paper



The aim of this report is to

a) define the IWA (and thus its membership) recommendations on the selection of Olympic windsurfing equipment to be

used at the Olympic Regattas of 2008 & 2012;

b) so that a unified lobby can be made of the ISAF National Authorities (MNAs);

c) to ensure that windsurfing retaining its Olympic status for both men and women;

d) and that the most appropriate equipment is put forward by the IWA for selection by the MNAs. This report therefore aims to set out criteria and a design brief so that an additional development path be considered in parallel with the IMCO and FW formats. The development path herewith proposed would allow the IWA/ISAF to consider a wider choice of alternatives in the light of the critical factors highlighted in the background section.



a) It is very important that the majority of MNAs agree that windsurfing is included in the Olympic Regatta and support the ISAF Windsurfing Committee’s recommendations on the most appropriate Olympic windsurfing equipment to select:

b) All windsurfing classes and the PWA actively promote a unified policy on the “2008 equipment”. No class or class official should express a dissenting view in public.



Windsurfing has been an “event” within the Olympic sailing regatta for almost 20 years. There are currently two sets of medals, one for men and one for women. It is currently the least expensive Olympic sailing discipline; therefore apart from being a potentially spectacular to watch its inclusion ensures that a lot of developing nations can take part (60% of the entry in 1996).

Whilst remaining very technical equipment with a well-developed & valid format, IMCO is losing its sparkle. It is fair to say that the majority view within the current Olympic class is that the Mistral One Design should be replaced after the 2004 Olympics and that more than one manufacturer should produce the replacement equipment.


Here are some background facts that help the reader to understand more fully the reasoning behind the conclusions of this report:

a) The ISAF President has already stated that he believes that the class selected should be Formula Windsurfing but that the equipment to be used at the Games should be One Design;

b) There is little enthusiasm amongst the FW racers for a One Design format as evidenced by the low number of registrations for the so-called “One Design Formula” event at the 2002 ISAF World Sailing Games.

c) - The Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV) made a submission last year stating that both the equipment and the class should be changed for 2008.

d) The President of the RFEV has since written to the ISAF saying that he has changed its mind and now does not support the Formula concept but does support a change in the equipment.

e) The historic data for wind speeds in Qing Dao for July & September may not support a proposal to move the whole Olympic Games to a date in September. It is therefore unlikely that the political momentum for a change of dates will build up inside the ISAF or the IOC.

f) It is believed that in certain areas, the waters in Qing Dao have quite strong currents and that the historic data for wind speeds in July show a low average wind speed.

g) Any proposal to change the dates requires the summer sports federations to convince the IOC that a move is necessary. The IOC would then be required to re-negotiate its TV distribution & media rights deals. July is a more valuable period from the point of view of the value of media rights than September. BOCOG will not make any requests to the IOC themselves. A decision to move the Games is therefore unlikely.

h) There is now a written threat from a powerful MNA (France) to lobby against windsurfing as an Olympic event.



It is recommended that the selection of windsurfing equipment is based on the following criteria:

Racing is possible at the same time as other Olympic Sailing Classes;


In many major Olympic Class Regattas worldwide, the Olympic windsurfing class has to compete at the same time and in the same conditions as the other sailing classes;

The likely conditions to be expected in Qing Dao 2008