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2007 annual report for MOD and MJOD Classes.

After three consecutive Olympic campaigns (1996-2000-2004) IMCO federated Classes have found it difficult to re adjust to life without olympic status.

However, the class Committee and member national associations remain committed to:

- concentrate on a real One Design practice for which the demand is still very strong in order to promote sailors skill rather than equipment investments;

- Organise common World or continental Championships at the same time on the same venues to rationalize organization and travel costs;

- To mix high level sport events with leisure activities and tourism.

Boards and More Gmbh remain commited to the production of the board, and sales, particularly to the Asian market, remain high. The MOD remains the board of choice for many Asian Championships and international regattas.

Reluctantly, and due to the current political situation, IMCO postponed the World Championship planned for Djerba in Tunisia at begnning of November.

IMCO are planning to work more closely with the Raceboard Class and joint events from 2008 are being considered. Also the introduction of a new rig is being trialed.


Jean-Francois REGGIO

IMCO President